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Flamingo earrings LOVE them

Those of you who used to follow my blog might remember the parrot earrings that I lived in until they fell apart - and then went on a mission to hunt them out and bought several more pairs, well.....check these newbies out. How cute? VERY.

Ichin* on eBay, thank you, I'll be back to buy more of your delicate creations on pay day

It's Friday, the sun is shining, what's not to smile about? Have a great day

Ta ta for now

Queenie x


Bakewell Cake

I'm not signed back to work until Monday and am bored out my mind...

Yes I have a HUGE stack of books to read, lots recorded on the V+ box, my iPod could do with a little updating and I've even got a couple of boxes still to unpack from 'moving in'. None of that is as exciting as a spot of baking though...


Very easypeasy and it tastes delish

Oh and while I remember I picked up this beautiful spring form round cake tin on offer today from tesco for £4 which is about half price.

Ta ta for now



New iPhone pondering how good it is for blogging????

Long time no post, seriously neglected blog BUT very enriched and expanded life :o)

New boyfriend, new house, permanent job, given up smoking, rekindled my love with dance music, taken up baking, gained about a million stone, so yeah it's all been rather busy.

Does anyone else blog on their iPhone?

Here's a little something I baked for valentines day mmmmmm well some of them!

Ta ta for now xx