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Are you hoping for a miracle…it’s not enough

I’m really loving Bloc party at the minute, there is something about putting it on really loud and singing along, unless of course just as you’re belting out the chorus – totally out of tune and key – someone walks in on you. Yup that happened to me at work the other morning, how embarrassing.

Well it’s been a few days since I blogged, simply because I’ve not really had much to blog about. I’ve mostly being working (as a cleaning, early mornings and afternoons) and packing for the big move which takes place a week tomorrow; I can’t believe that it’s come round so quickly! Scary but very exciting all at once. So anyway, getting back to business, I’ve mostly been wearing jeans and a nike hoodie all week; not exactly blog worthy; and I’ve felt shabby about myself as a result. There is something about dressing up which gives me a confidence I never knew I had, mostly these days I’m not self/body conscious (read: obsessed) – although I do have the odd few days where I have ‘fat days’ and nothing in my wardrobe works - and it’s such a freedom to be able to wear clothes which are pretty and feel comfortable. I’ve been to spend some time today with some very good friends who love and support me in such an incredible way and I feel spurred on for the final push towards the move this week.

Dress: 30p jumble sale
Tights: 75p internationale
Shoes: £4.99 charity shop (brand new too!)
Pearls: 50p car boot
Pearl Earrings: real ones, a pressie from boyfriend
Flower (in hair) - £1 Primark

I’ve blogged this dress recently but I love it so much I wanted to wear it again, so I added different coloured tights and shoes, people have been very complimentary all day. It never ceases to amaze me how the items of clothing I end up loving the most usually cost me the least amount of money, I think this dress is going to be a staple for the spring/ summer.

I’ve decided not to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go carbooting as the clocks go forward I’d have to be up an hour earlier and to be honest I could do with a big long rest, so that’s what I’m going to do, Hurrah! (and not only that I’ve been very spend happy lately, I dread to think how much I’ve actually spent (everything I’ve bought has been second hand from jumble sales/carboots/charity shops), thankfully selling on ebay has meant it’s all spend neutral.

(but a small part of me wonders if I'm missing out and it would be my last carboot in this city before I move)

I feel that I need a blog challenge or something extra but feel like I’m having a creative block at the moment. I’d like to blog on those days where my outfit really isn’t up to scratch but unsure what to write about. Suggestions on a postcard to the usual address please.

Lots of Love

Queenie xxx


I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you around if you love me

Hi everyone,

Well I’m slowly making my way through wearing all my new purchases and trying really hard not to buy anymore…for now. Today I am wearing a skirt which I bought from Laura at adaisychaindream which is really cute, but perhaps a tad short? The downside is that it kept riding up when I was walking and disappearing up my coat, just a touch embarrassing and I forgot I was wearing such a short skirt when I bent down in Age Concern to try on a pair of shoes and if it hadn’t been for the opaque tights would have flashed all to the pensioners enjoying a cuppa. But like everything in life I think wearing this skirt is going to take some practice. I’m also thinking that it would work better with heels rather than riding boots but it was only after I’d left the house and caught my reflection in a shop window (ok I was looking for my reflection but we all do that secretly right?) and thought that heeled courts would have been better but alas.

Skirt – via Laura @ adaisychaindream
Jersey poloneck Asda £3
Tights Primark
Hobbs boots £5 via charity shop
Pearls and matching earrings years old I think they were from Asda

So there you have it a little bit of spring in my outfit for a typically british spring day, bright start with lots of promise but ends up a bit drizzly and the sky threatens to empty itself on you at any moment just as you’ve tried to predict the driest brightest window to leave the house.

I’m off to play scrubber work now

Lots of Love

Queenie xx


The indie kid is back…well almost

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is well, just updating with a quick outfit post and latest purchases (I’ve really got to stop spending, well maybe). I’m cleaning in a primary school this week in the afternoons so outfits need to be suited to that, although tomorrow I’m going to get dressed earlier so then I can get changed for work, instead of getting dressed with work in mind.

So here is what I wore today: (sorry about the pics my camera flash was being mardy!)

Diesel Jeans £30 from TK Max – I love the way they feel even though they are a bit too big now.
Star Print T-shirt – originally Primark but bought second hand from the lovely Laura at adaisychaindream
Velvet Jacket – recent charity shop purchase I previously blogged about
Converse – £6.50 via ebay

And here is the most exciting part of my day, a friend recently told me about a little second hand shop, I’m not sure if it’s a charity shop or not but it is STUFFED with bric-a-brac, clothes, books, household stuff, I didn’t have much time today to properly rummage but had a good rummage through the clothes and shoes. There was a bin bag full of old shoes in their original boxes. Now I’m not an expert when it comes to vintage but I think these are vintage shoes? The red ones are Holmes and the white ones are Rolucia. Either way they are gorgeous and at £1 a pair I couldn’t resist.

Anyway I’m off for a shower and to curl up, darling boyfriend has got work at 6am so it’ll be another early morning in our house.

Lots of love

Queenie xx


A mothers love

I’m staying at my mum’s this weekend and mum said those magic words “shall we go to the carboot in the morning?” Those 9 little words were like music to my ears. So off we drove at 7.30, her in her wellies and me in her walking boots - jeans tucked into socks of course being the stylish fashionista that I am – and much needed they were, the mud was horrendous, not that a little mud is going to get between me and my bargains!

Topshop blouse - £1.50

Black Bag - 50p
Pink Topshop Vest Top £1
Orange Tweed Peep Toe Shoes £1.50

Red Herring Dress £2

H&M Culottes 20p

Brown River Island Sleeveless Top 50p 

And last but not least, my fave purchase of the day...

Floral Strapless Dress £1

The jumble sale yesterday wasn’t very good, but I did buy a real fur coat for £1 – I’m not sure what I was thinking! And a floral skirt for 20p which my lovely mummy is currently shortening for me. Aw fanks mum. The fur coat is at home so pics of both to follow.

As the sun is shining I’m going to help mum dig her vegetable patch this afternoon, I’d love to have a space to grown my own but alas city centre living means a lack of green space...perhaps I’ll get an allotment in a few years time if I put my name down now!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday

Lots of Love

Queenie xx


The good the bad and the ugly – cleaning outfit just for fun

Evening all,

Well it’s been a pretty busy day in our house today, as I’ve shared before we’re moving house really soon and today was the day the Landlord was taking viewings for the next tenants. Now don’t get me wrong we don’t live like total slobs, but are comfortable with a little dust and clutter. Today the house was deep cleaned from top to bottom (and thankfully it didn’t go unnoticed by the Landlord) so my outfit consisted of the dress below which is actually a size 18 (I'm holding it in at the waist to try and give it some shape) bought from the jumble sale for 30p because I like the pattern and thought I could make something pretty from it, but having got it home I realised it was covered in stains that won’t come out, even with a heavy duty stain remover, so it was relegated to throwing out pile but was rescued today to wear while I was cleaning. I styled it with a pair of black leggings and my scratty black ugg boots, no accessories and not even a scrap of make up. I’m a classy bird at times.

And time for the big reveal…

I love being able to laugh at myself and boy did I laugh when I saw this photo. No poses, no duplicates or trial runs…just this one single photo to capture my wonderful Mrs Mop outfit.

Still a long way to go then to achieve that aspiration of 50’s housewife class

Lots of Love

Queenie xxx


"I'm just chasing rainbows..."

I often find it difficult to blog my outfit when I’ve not made a huge effort or when I don’t think it’s that interesting, but as discussed recently on the MSE forum I think I need to make the effort to blog it every day anyway. I often think that unless I think an outfit is super interesting and stylish it’s not worth blogging but I think by having a photographic diary of what I do wear on a daily basis that will show me where I could make little tweaks or changes to jazz up an ordinary/plain outfit or the ruts I can find myself falling into when I can’t be bothered.

One thing starting this blog has done is made me think more about the outfits I pick out and instead of having a wardrobe full of clothes I never wear I’ve been making much more of an effort to pull them out and showcase them. It’s also given me much more confidence about my appearance and style, and by reading other blogs and seeing what other people wear has given me the courage to experiment a little bit more. (eg I’d have never worn coloured tights in the past), so a big thank you to everyone who blogs regularly and comments on my blog.

So here is my outfit today:

Black jersey Dress – Ethel Austin £2.50
Black Treggings – New Look sale £7
Blue Office Pixie Boots - £5 charity shop
Blue Primark Cardigan - £10ish
Necklace 99p charity shop (bought yesterday)

And my latest charity shop find, I found this beauty for £2.99 (excuse my PJ’s thrown on the bed!)

I love the indie look, there’s something about that 90’s Britpop look that makes me feel sqidgy inside. I’ve got a bottle green jacket like similar and now spring is coming am looking forward to dusting it off and strutting my stuff. ooooOOoo I feel inspired to dig out some Shed 7 and have a sing along.

Ta ta for now

Queenie xx


Mish Mash of Today’s Outfit, Sunday’s carboot finds and Giveaway Winner

I have been somewhat neglectful of my appearance over the last few days, carbooting on Sunday meant jeans for trekking around a muddy field early doors, Monday was spent sorting through the house in preparation for moving and yesterday well all I can say about yesterday is blah. (Nothing felt right and having not made the effort the few days before it felt like climbing a mountain trying to coordinate colours and styles.) Oh to be to be a 50’s housewife, donning a pretty dress, high heels, apron and feather duster, floating round the house baking cakes. I'm sure it didn't happen like that but I do often wonder how other women dress to clean/manage their homes.

So here is what I’ve dragged out the wardrobe today and forced myself to wear because the pull to just throw on a pair of jeans again is super strong, but I say NO to jeans today and yes to making slightly more an effort. Silly flash was playing up on my camera so pics are a bity rubbish, sorry about that.

Pink jersey polo neck George £1 via chairty shop
Shirt New Look 30p via jumble sale
Treggings New Look £7 in the sale
Office Boots £5 via charity shop
Denim mac New Look Sale - about £10 I think but can't remember
Bead necklace 30p via Carboot sale

Here are a couple of bits from my haul at the carboot on Sunday. It was great fun and I came away with a couple of bags full of stuff, just when we are meant to be clearing out house I keep bringing home more stuff opps...oh well, I've got a flea market tonight (maybe) and then a jumble sale on Saturday so I'm sure there is more to come yet!

Mischa Barton Bag - £1.50
Perfume atomizer - £2.50
Topshop puffball skirt – 50p ( marks are from camera)

I also picked up a wooden bangle with gold detail for 25p, a couple of strings of pearls for 30p each and a few other bits. I’m really pleased about the atomizer because the spray on my Jean Paul Gaultier perfume broke a few months ago and I was refusing to throw it out as there was still about 40mls left and now I can use it again instead of gazing at it longingly wondering whether I should throw it out. Hurrah.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the winner of the giveaway (picked using random.org) is…..

LouLou who blogs at plumpfeathers

Well done Lou, email me your address and I’ll pop your goodies in the post for you tomorrow x

Lots of Love

(second hand junkie) Queenie xxx


Blue and Green should not be seen unless there’s something inbetween

I’m very excited to have received a blogger award from Alex at odd socks and pretty frocks and Helga at helga von trollop, thank you very much ladies. Both have awesome and inspirational blogs so make sure you check them out.

So I have to share with you my idea of a fantasy bag, which is really tough because I’m huge lover of bags. I would like a really good quality bag, made from beautiful leather which would stand the test of time. A Gladstone or a Mulberry would do nicely thank you very much but both are well out of my price range sadly. Both of these bags are gorgeous and I would be a very proud owner of either.

I carry around a lot of stuff so I need something spacious (either that or become less of a horder!) I often carry my lunch and a notebook too so my bag are always busting at the seams. When I'm at uni I've got folders, books, pads, I've often thought I should invest in a trolley!

So I went to a jumble sale last night Hurrah! I arrived at 6.15pm and there were already 3 others in queue, lots of friendly chit chat until the doors opened at 6.30pm and it was war, elbows flying everywhere while bin bags being filled, it always makes laugh that how at the table it is anything goes, but away from the table everyone is polite, chatty and generally having a wonderful time. Quite bizarre but I absolutely love it.  Here are a few things I picked up:

Purple New Look top – 30p
Green flowery dress – 30p (see outfit below)
John Lewis bag – 50p (still had the tags on!)
Floral Teapot – 20p

I really love the floral style of the teapot, I saw lots of tea cups and trinkets at the carboot on Sunday but Boyfriend was on hand to pull me away, he hates this stuff but like I recently blogged I'd fill the house with the stuff, it's just so pretty. I also picked up a floral Laura Ashley Skirt which I’m going to attempt to shorten, there has got to be something me and my limited skills can to do rescue it?! (30p) or maybe it needs to be ebayed?

And if you’re still reading after all that…here is my outfit today which is totally impractical due to the rainy weather:

Dress 30p Jumble sale
Tights 75p internationale
Shoes 99p ebay (plus £2 postage)
Cardigan £10ish Primark last year(not pictured)
Belt 50p Ravel

I’m loving this dress, I have no idea where it is from originally or even what size it is because there is no label. I’ve mixed it up with blues today but as there are hints of yellow in the pattern I think I’ll try it out with my yellow tights next time.

Don’t forget to check out my giveaway if you haven’t entered yet

Lots of love

Queenie x


Taming the lion with pink

Morning everyone,

Ok it's a leopard not a lion but it didn't sound as good did it.

Quick outfit post today before I run out of the door, was unsure whether to wear boots or shoes but decided on the boots because I’d recently picked them up from the carboot and wanted to give them an outing.

Pink jersey poloneck - £1 chairty shop
Grey merino wool cardi - £3.99 chairty shop
Grey Leopard pring skirt - £4 peacocks sale (was below the knee but shortened to knee length by me with mums supervision)
Pink tights - 75p internationale
Faith calf length boots - £1 carboot
Pearl earrings - present from boyf
String of pearls - £1 charity shop
Ring - £1 internationale
Flower - £1 primark

Total = £13.74

Don’t forget to check out my giveaway if you haven’t entered yet and here is a link to my costume jewellery sale

Wishing you all a lovely day

Queenie xx



I can’t believe I am up to 25 followers already, thank you to everyone who reads, comments and follows, it means a lot to me. So as promised here are the details of the giveaway:

Most importantly a picture of the prize which consists of:

Soap and Glory Hand Food 50ml
Soap and Glory Girligo Body Spray 100ml
Butterfly print scarf

So for the chance to win here are the rules for entry:

1) You must be following my blog to enter
2) For one entry post in the comments box below
3) For an extra entry post about my giveaway on your blog or sidebar with a link to your blog in the comments below
4) The giveaway is open for 7 days closing on 16th March
5) The winner will be drawn using random.org, and the winner posted on my blog.

Good Luck

Queenie xx


Monday’s child is fair of face

Well today has been a very busy day, we’ve started sorting out the house in preparation for moving so up in the loft sorting and rummaging. Spent a good 3 hours photographing and listing 53 items on ebay, phew it was a bigger job than I thought. (I am sporty13abe if you'd like to check me out, if you'd like to buy anything listed just send me a message with an offer) Then popped to the post office and to the Chinese supermarket for deep fried tofu YUM!

Outfit today (when I finally got dressed!)

Floral dress - international £7.50
Primark dark blue skinny jeans £8
Primark blue cardi £10 ish
Green knee high boots - £2.30 via ebay
Anchor necklace £1 via blog sale (can't find link atm but will update later)
Chunky ring £1
Chunky mustard bangle £1 charity shop

I used to have a gorgeous pair of green boots from River Island but foolishly got rid of them when I was clearing out and have regretted it every since. The green boots I’m wearing here are exactly the same as dinopricesschar featured here on her blog t*rexes and tiaras, I was inspired to buy some after seeing this outfit and went for a scour on ebay, found some, bidded and won. It wasn’t until they arrived that I realised that they looked very similar to some I had seen recently and a quick check revealed that I had infact bought exactly the same boots I’d been inspired by. Hope you don’t mind too much, they do same imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

My green shoes finally arrived, very excited as I thought they had faded into the abyss of Royal Mail, I’m looking forward to wearing them. In fact I’ve bought quite a few things over the last few weeks which haven’t been worn yet, so I’m challenging myself to feature them over the next few weeks.

It’s time to say goodbye *boohoo* to my beautiful Warehouse mac, sadly it’s a size 14 and waaaay to big for me, I’ve been hauling it round from place to place for a few years now so it’s time to let it go to a new home. No bids on it yet so if anyone reading loves it as much as I do and wants to give it a loving home, send me an email with an offer :)

No fashion spends today, so still on target

Lots of Love

Queenie xx


Heaven = a muddy field on a Sunday morning

So it’s 8.30am and we’re not dressed or had breakfast and I decide I want to go carbooting, we didn’t set off until 9.30am which is unusually late for carbooting (I like to be there when the gates open!) and arrived at 10am. As I paid my 50p to enter I was worried I’d missed all the bargains but after a good rummage I actually came away with some real gems.

Select grey leopard print cardigan 50p

H&M brown leopard print cardigan 50p

Topshop ditsy top 50p (might be ebayed if it’s too big)

Faith leather boots £1

Kooki oversized Cardigan 50p (pic doesn’t do it justice)

Very cute trinket box 30p I saw several tea sets and decorative bits in the same style but lucky that darling boyfriend was on hand to pull me away otherwise I’d fill the house with the stuff.

Gold dove necklace 30p

I also bought a Bodyshop coconut shimmer brand new sealed body butter 50p (to be ebayed) and a Ministry of sound chill out CD 50p

So total to come out of the remaining £24 budget for March is £3.30, so I’ve got £20.70 left to spend. Not doing too bad so far.

I’m not counting the bodybutter as a toiletries spend because it was bought with the intention of ebaying rather than for myself or for a toiletries fix :)

I love carboot sales, and jumble sales and charity shops...and ebay *sigh* I'm just a second hand junkie

Lots of Love

Queenie xx