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So it’s 8.30am and we’re not dressed or had breakfast and I decide I want to go carbooting, we didn’t set off until 9.30am which is unusually late for carbooting (I like to be there when the gates open!) and arrived at 10am. As I paid my 50p to enter I was worried I’d missed all the bargains but after a good rummage I actually came away with some real gems.

Select grey leopard print cardigan 50p

H&M brown leopard print cardigan 50p

Topshop ditsy top 50p (might be ebayed if it’s too big)

Faith leather boots £1

Kooki oversized Cardigan 50p (pic doesn’t do it justice)

Very cute trinket box 30p I saw several tea sets and decorative bits in the same style but lucky that darling boyfriend was on hand to pull me away otherwise I’d fill the house with the stuff.

Gold dove necklace 30p

I also bought a Bodyshop coconut shimmer brand new sealed body butter 50p (to be ebayed) and a Ministry of sound chill out CD 50p

So total to come out of the remaining £24 budget for March is £3.30, so I’ve got £20.70 left to spend. Not doing too bad so far.

I’m not counting the bodybutter as a toiletries spend because it was bought with the intention of ebaying rather than for myself or for a toiletries fix :)

I love carboot sales, and jumble sales and charity shops...and ebay *sigh* I'm just a second hand junkie

Lots of Love

Queenie xx

Hayley  – (7 March 2010 at 13:17)  

I am a total second hand junkie too, i've bought 5 dresses on ebay in the past few days and some bits at the charity shops!!! I do love clothes. You got some really good bargains there, well done you x x x

Vintage Vixen  – (7 March 2010 at 13:24)  

Great finds there, Queenie! You've certainly got a good eye for a bargain.

Anonymous –   – (7 March 2010 at 13:46)  

Much as I adore carbooting to buy, it breaks my heart when I see my stuff go for pennies when I'm there to sell :(

heartshapedbruise.  – (7 March 2010 at 15:56)  

Wow, bargains ahoy!
Particularly like the necklace & trinket box.

Thanks for my comment :)


daisychain  – (7 March 2010 at 17:43)  

wow your jewellery/trinket buys especially <3

Jen  – (7 March 2010 at 17:53)  

Great finds! You're all sorted for leopard print cardigans, that's for sure! :)

Platform Princess  – (7 March 2010 at 18:00)  

Are you freaking kidding me, 50p for those gorgeous cardigans? No way! I love the trinket too, it's adorable.


Roo Paprika  – (8 March 2010 at 16:00)  

Love a bit of leopard print! Great bargains, I need to get my bum down a car boot sale at some point

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