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Flamingo earrings LOVE them

Those of you who used to follow my blog might remember the parrot earrings that I lived in until they fell apart - and then went on a mission to hunt them out and bought several more pairs, well.....check these newbies out. How cute? VERY.

Ichin* on eBay, thank you, I'll be back to buy more of your delicate creations on pay day

It's Friday, the sun is shining, what's not to smile about? Have a great day

Ta ta for now

Queenie x


Bakewell Cake

I'm not signed back to work until Monday and am bored out my mind...

Yes I have a HUGE stack of books to read, lots recorded on the V+ box, my iPod could do with a little updating and I've even got a couple of boxes still to unpack from 'moving in'. None of that is as exciting as a spot of baking though...


Very easypeasy and it tastes delish

Oh and while I remember I picked up this beautiful spring form round cake tin on offer today from tesco for £4 which is about half price.

Ta ta for now



New iPhone pondering how good it is for blogging????

Long time no post, seriously neglected blog BUT very enriched and expanded life :o)

New boyfriend, new house, permanent job, given up smoking, rekindled my love with dance music, taken up baking, gained about a million stone, so yeah it's all been rather busy.

Does anyone else blog on their iPhone?

Here's a little something I baked for valentines day mmmmmm well some of them!

Ta ta for now xx


Why do things by halves?

Because it’s easier?!?!? Now I’m not the kind of girl who does this by halves, never have done, prob never will do.

Before I launch into why, two slight detours.

I went to the gym this morning to break my Zumba virginity. Have you ever done a zumba class? It’s the most ridiculous and hilarious form of exercise I have ever partaken in. Don’t get me wrong it seemed to be a good work out judging the fact I was sweating profusely but it’s just utterly ridiculous. All hip swaying and bum shaking (or wobbling), I was crying with laughter.

The second just to share how pathetic I'm being, I was invited out to a party by an almost friend (I say almost because I've met her a couple of times out rambling and once on a rambling social evening for an hour), the fact it was a 65 year old birthday party for one of her colleagues is beside the point. I was invited out and initially said yes, and then hair/make up done about to get dressed and I became very insecure and cancelled. I feel terrified of meeting new people, getting out of my comfort zone and out into the big wide (scary) world. I feel pathetic, also I feel guilty for saying yes and then my fear taking over and cancelling at the last minute *sigh* I know I've got to do it, get out and meet people, socialise, learn how to be single, but for tonight I want to sit in my PJs (complete with a full face of make up and beautifully set hair), anyway enough of that and on with the not doing things by halves...

All change here in the Queenie household, and being off for 11 days has given me the perfect opportunity to ‘personalise’ the flat. And do I start small? Who me?

So yesterday I moved the bedroom round, had a big sort out, bought new bedding, and added the Queenie stamp. The now ex OH detested leopard print, so as you can see from the photos below I’ve added a splash or two here and there:

Polka dot bedding from Wilkos, leopard print furry throw reduced to £2 each in Primark

I can now have ALL my shoes and boots on display, HURRAH!

I rescued the chair from outside and covered it with a throw, well if someone was getting rid of it away I thought I’d find a use for it!

I’m quite happy with the way the room has turned out.

I then decided to see if the tiles in the bathroom would come down and they do. I have loathed them from the day I moved in. The are just self adhesive floor tiles which were stuck to the wall by the previous tenant, good for the goose good for the gander so they speak, I’ll be replacing them with the same in a different style. They can be picked up for £1 a pack in the discount stores such as Poundland and the 99p store. Mum is going to come and help me at the end of May, which is a long time to live in bathroom decorating hell, but they had to come down. The leopard print shower curtain is a new addition, picked up yesterday in Primark for £4, I was just trying it out

Today I’ve made a start on the feature wall in my kitchen, the colour is vintage rose (looks more reddy in this pic but it’s actually quite pinky) I’ve got the rest of the cutting in to do and another coat. I had stopped for a much needed rest.

And if that wasn’t enough I’ve got a huge pile of stuff to ebay from my sorting out yesterday.

I’ll be looking forward to going back to work for a rest!

Ta ta for now

Queenie xx


Ferry...across the Mersey

Well Helllllooo ladies (and gentlemen if you’re reading).

Firstly to answer Alex’s question, yes I’ll be staying in Liverpool, until at least the end of next March. 6 weeks ago I started a fixed term contract with the company I had been temping for the 8 months previous, and I :heartheartheart: my job so would be foolish to walk away from something I love to do to nothing. Plus I’m pretty much a nomad, where is home? When I think of *home* nothing comes anymore because I’ve moved about so much and my family no longer live where I grew up...but anyway I guess home is here for now, and it’s about taking the time to both add a personal touch to the flat, and begin the laborious and terrifying challenge of creating a life for myself.

What actually make the effort to meet people and make friends?!? Scary prospect, very! What if they don’t like me...the insecurity runs deep. I don’t drink which pretty much rules out the usual quick and easy way of getting to know people BUT I have joined a young persons rambling club and am slowly getting to know people through that. I guess it’s about taking risks and saying YES to life more.

But anyway...that’s not what this blog is about (not that I really know what it is about any more).

Shoes....of course, when everything else is falling apart there is always SHOES (well usually but not in my case at the moment), that and a nice cup of herbal tea.

I recently purchased a gorgeous pair of LK Bennett leopard print peep toe shoes from a charity shop while I was visiting my mum, they are a size 5...I’m a size 6. Can I squeeze my lumpy heffer feet into them...can I hell, try as I might :o( I knew at the time they were a squeeze but foolishly bought them anyway. Now they are sitting here looking all pretty and gorgeous, and I can’t even take them out to play. The sensible part of me knows I should just ebay them, the shoe princess inside cries out that I need to keep them, even if all I can do is admire and stroke. What do you think?

Also I recently popped by Irregular Choice Cherry. Now it’s got to be said I am not a huge fan of Irregular Choice shoes but when I saw these beauties on ebay I fell in lurve. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with sizing...these are a size 6, my size, but they pinch my left foot after a couple of hours of wear, the right fits perfectly but not the left, why God damn you! I may have to re-ebay :( but I love them, sooooo much *sobs*

Carboot season is back HURRAH! I attended my first (hopefully of many) this year on Sunday. It was my birthday and what else should a girl be doing except tramping round a field rummaging through other people’s personal possessions. Three and a half hours later, and a huge bag of stuff, here are my faves from the weekend charity shop/carboot hunt:

Vintage St Michaels cami, £1.49 from the Salvation Army

Snapped up these C&A leather boots for £2, pretty good condition, no idea how old they are

Perfect for Summer Next dress for £1, plan to team it with a big red belt to funk things up a bit

Love this shirt, also from the Salvation Army charity shop for a teeny £2.49. No label and looks hand made, cant wait to wear it.

There are lots more things BUT you'll have to wait for those...I'll be back soon hopefully with an outfit post if I'm feeling confident enough, or perhaps just more of my general ramblings.

Queenie xx


Crawling back to blogland with a broken heart

Long time no post, am crawling back to blogland after a loooong time away.

Life since I've been AWOL in a nutshell: laptop broke, went on holiday to dom rep, got engaged, laptop got fixed, got a second job, gave up second job when day job was made perm, mum had a failed op, gained 32lb, lost 17 of those again and counting, joined a rambling group, split up and (now ex) OH moved out 2 weeks ago, just been to my first carboot of the year, am planning to decorate the flat, am off for 11 days over easter!

And breathe.

I have been following you guys, just not posting myself, but I'm planning to blog more, I've missed it and I've missed you all. Funny how small and empty life can become when all you've really invested in is a relationship and that goes.

But anyway, I should really be getting ready for work :)

Queenie xxx


Sun sea and sand

I didn't have my swimming cossie because I was expecting rain in Bournemouth but that didn't stop me whipping off my gladiators and rolling up my harems for a paddle in the sea during an early morning beach walk.

Me and my lovely friend Dee (she really is lovley)

This is the closest to an outfit post as I totally forgot to get my camera out for the rest of the day :(

I'm wearing Satin Harems (ankle length but rolled up in this pic) Limited collection from M&S, I bought them brand new with tags from the charity shop for £1.80, they had a button missing fom one of the ankle cuffs - a spare of which was attached to the tags, hey I'm not complaining! Teamed with a back TopShop vest 99p from charity shop and beaded TopShop Jacket £6 from charity shop, added grey pearls from Asda yonks ago £3 in the sale, vintage pearls which were a gift from boyf (I'm wearing these a lot a the mo), silver bangle from carboot and FCUK sunglasses 99p from charity shop.

We were out playing with the gorgeous Sharon (also in harems) and the beautiful Justine,a New Yorker spending the summer in Paris who came over to join us for the weekend.

Another friend Chris bought along a couple of suitcases in the back of her car for people to help themselves, oh my goodness.  A couple of my freebies are below:

I nabbed a few other bits too and it felt like Christmas had come early.

And despite a 7 hour journey home yesterday and not getting home until after 11pm, I managed to get myelf to the 10am boot sale at the cricket club (ha I make sound like a hardship) but I'll share some my finds with you tomorrow, my bed is calling

Ta ta for now

Queenie xxx


TFI Friday

Morning everyone,

Just popping by with a quick outfit post before leaving for my train.  Not knowing how to dress for the weather I've gone for layers

Layer one: Gap Jeans via charity shop, T-shirt 50p table top sale, 80's suede shoes £1.99 charity shop, Vintage pearls were a pressie from Darling boyf, other pearls (longer ones picked up from carboots)

Layer two: Added St Michaels Jumper £1.99 charity shop and belt £1.49 charity shop

Layer Three: TopShop leather jacket £1 carboot sale, vintage scarf £2 charity shop

And I'd just like to say that today dress sizing has been thrown right out the window, I'm a 10 and the t-shirt is a size 16 an the jumper is a 16 to 18. I always make a point of looking through everything in charity shops, tabletop sales, jumbles and carboots because sometimes you might find something can be worn in a way that works differently to how it was intended.

Have a lovely weekend all

Ta ta for now

Queenie xxx


In’s and Outs


My new TopShop jacket snaffled for £6 from the charity shop on Wednesday Lunch time, quite pricey for me but I fell in love as soon as I saw it. Must remember to be careful though, it now needs a little repair work after my shoulder bag pulled off some of the beading :( so next week I’m on the hunt for some matching beads so I can make it perfect again.

Inception – oh my goodness, what a brilliant film, certainly the best film I have seen for a long while. Leonardo Dicaprio delivers yet again (but I’ve not seen him beat his performance in Blood Diamond to date) I did spend the first half hour of the film utterly confused, starching my head and whispering to Darling Boyfriend asking what the hell was going on, but then it started to come together and gripped me to the end.

On the fence

Long train journeys – I’m going to Bournemouth to see some friends, but only for a little over 24 hours, kinda wondering whether the 5.5hour journey there and then the same back and £55 in train tickets (that’s with a railcard) is worth it. I need to get some local friends me think!

Chanel Chance Body Lotion – Picked this up brand new in the charity shop a few weeks ago for £2.50 and although it feels luxurious when I use it there’s something quite rich about the smell that makes me feel a bit old…and if that makes sense you deserve a medal :)


The weather, grrrr what the F**K is going on, where is the sunshine? Where is the summer? I had to dig out my winter riding boots to wear today. Fair to say I’m over it and I demand the powers that be (because yes I really am that powerful) to cast this weather aside and bring our summer back!

Not being able to sleep when my Darling Boyfriend is away, never can so I potter about, and then lay and read til I fall asleep. Maybe there’s a sliver lining in that long train journey tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to get some shut eye along the way.

I'll be back blogging on Sunday with some outfit posts from the weekend, and hopefully (please weather change) some carboot finds, I'm not feeling hopeful though.

Have a good weekend everyone

Ta ta for now

Queenie xx


Quick outfit post...

Morning lovies,

I've got a couple of minutes before I leave for work so I thought I'd do a quick outfit post:

All second hand (except tights)...leopard print vest top (£1.99) and black pencil skirt (£2.99) both from charity shops, cardi (50p) and vintage boots (£1) from carboot sale


Sorry about photo my crappy camera hates detail close up...bought this beauty at the weekend for 99p from the charity shop

Pearls were a pressie from my lovely boyf for my birthday bought from a vintage fair

Got to dash, happy Monday

Ta ta for now

Queenie xxx


All dressed up with nowhere to go…

We attempted to see Inception tonight at the cinema tonight, apparently everyone in Liverpool had the same idea, and both the 7.15pm and the 8.15pm were sold out by the time we got to the front of the queue. Ah well it’ll be showing for a while and I got a chance to take some pics of my outfit and share some of my finds from the weekend.

Miss Selfridge Leopard print top/dress £2 carboot sale
River Island Jeans £3 charity shop
Per Una Shoes £3.99 charity shop
Black waistcoat 50p carboot sale
Vintage bag 50p carboot sale

Accessorised with a couple of strings of pearls, a chunky silver bangle, cameo ring, all carboot finds, and flower in hair from Primark.

So I went to Headingley in Leeds to visit a dear friend yesterday, what a fab place for charity shops, with no less that 8. The lovely Lara lives no more than a 2 minute walk from this a little piece of heaven on earth and we spend the whole day rooting and rummaging with a break for lunch and coffee.

It was pouring with rain in Liverpool and I’d foolishly left my umbrella at work, not to panic though a quick dig through my draw of vintage scarves and I was ready to face the elements. Not sure it worked that well over a high knot of hair and a big quiff but hey ho it kept me dry! (excuse the rollie I was literally walking out the door but wanted to snap a quick picture) Vintage head scarf and lighter blue/gold neck scarf 25p each from carboot sale, Leather TopShop jacket £1 from a carboot sale (found a couple of weeks ago and I suspect it's going to be one of my best finds ever!)

I came across this bag and couldn’t say no, I’ve never seen anything like it before, it was an absolute steal at £5 from Age Concern. It’s very heavy because of all the stud work so I wouldn’t want to overfill it – which I have a tendency to do!

I couldn’t walk away when I saw this vanity case in British Heart Foundation, at a meagre £3.75 I bought it and left the shop quickly in case they made a mistake! It's never been used and I've just noticed I've not taken the paper off the mirror yet.

This tin was a tiny 75p and I knew it would be just perfect for storing my ever growing collection of nail varnishes.

I also picked up yet another waistcoat for £2.50 and a forever 21 (never heard of them) striped cardi for £2.99 both in the wash, and a couple of bits of jewellery which I’m sure will be featured soon.

So all in all quite a mild shop for me but a thoroughly good time none the less, and we shared a beautiful home cooked dinner before I caught the train home.

And I was so tired this morning I gave the carboots a miss, terrible I know but I just needed a good old chill, which is exactly what I got.  I did have a little sort out of my wardrobe and found a couple of things I'd forgotten about/not worn yet so I almost feel like I've had a root without having to face the grim weather, I did say almost it's no where near the same! I might be missing my rummage session next Sunday too...we'll see how tired I am from my 5.5 hour train journey back from Bournemouth on Saturday evening.

Ta ta for now

Queenie xxx