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TFI Friday

Morning everyone,

Just popping by with a quick outfit post before leaving for my train.  Not knowing how to dress for the weather I've gone for layers

Layer one: Gap Jeans via charity shop, T-shirt 50p table top sale, 80's suede shoes £1.99 charity shop, Vintage pearls were a pressie from Darling boyf, other pearls (longer ones picked up from carboots)

Layer two: Added St Michaels Jumper £1.99 charity shop and belt £1.49 charity shop

Layer Three: TopShop leather jacket £1 carboot sale, vintage scarf £2 charity shop

And I'd just like to say that today dress sizing has been thrown right out the window, I'm a 10 and the t-shirt is a size 16 an the jumper is a 16 to 18. I always make a point of looking through everything in charity shops, tabletop sales, jumbles and carboots because sometimes you might find something can be worn in a way that works differently to how it was intended.

Have a lovely weekend all

Ta ta for now

Queenie xxx

Alex  – (23 July 2010 at 12:27)  

Oh I really like it. Love the layering photos as well cos I'm always curious about the tshirts and so on that people wear when they just post the end result photo.

I think I'll be at the cricket club car boot this weekend if you're around? I'm definitely still interested in the boots!

Vintage Vixen  – (23 July 2010 at 13:24)  

Lovely glam but casual look there, Queenie. Love the pink shoes and scarf.
Yep, sizing is pointless and working out ways to wear too-big clothes make for far more creative dressing.
Have a lovely weekend! xxx

giddynici  – (23 July 2010 at 15:29)  

Great outfit. I really like your retro tee. And well done on showing that sizes are often irrelevant. x

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