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Ahoy sailor – one skirt, two looks

Having picked this skirt up for 50p at the carboot yesterday I wanted to wear it as soon as possible, thanks to the warm (ish) weather I was able to wash and dry it in time to put it on for work this morning and a then keep on wearing it this evening after a quick restyle:

Skirt 50p carboot sale
New Look Batwing cardi 50p table top sale
TopShop Black vest 99p charity shop
Miss Selfridge Shoes £2 carboot sale
Bangle and necklace carboot finds

Skirt 50p carboot sale
TopShop shoulderless nautical top £2.99 charity shop
TopShop Nautical themed jacket £8.50 charity shop
New Look Deck Shoes 50p carboot
Scarf 25p carboot sale

£8.50 for a jacket is quite rich for me; in fact it’s very rich for me. I was walking past a charity shop and it was on display in the window, the volunteer said that she’d only put it out half an hour before I’d spied it. I tried to justify it to myself “think how much a TopShop jacket would have cost new etc etc” I loved it as soon as I set eyes on it, and after trying it on and it being a perfect fit I simply couldn’t walk away.

So there you go, one skirt, two very different looks

I kinda wish I'd worn the nautical one to work...it's much more fun!

Ta Ta for now

Queenie xxx

sharron77  – (12 July 2010 at 18:50)  

Love the scarf with the nautical look, that jacket fits like a glove a very well justified £8.50!!

Sharron x

Kate  – (12 July 2010 at 19:30)  

That skirt looks like it has so many options!

giddynici  – (12 July 2010 at 23:35)  

Love how you've transformed the look post work. The nautical version is very fun! x

LadyBugSays ...  – (13 July 2010 at 10:34)  

Love that nautical jacket! Red is a great colour on you :)

Alex  – (13 July 2010 at 13:05)  

You've got such styling abilities Queenie! It's a fab skirt to start off with but both looks are amazing. The nautical one is so sassy.

Vintage Vixen  – (13 July 2010 at 13:26)  

Love the scarf and that gorgeous jacket was worth every penny, perfect!
Love your styling and your hair is looking fabulous.
I've made a note of the dye you recommended, it's on offer in Boots at the mo.

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