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My my my what a weekend, I've been to three carboots and this post is dedicated to my most of my weekend carboot buys and initial thoughts on how to model them. There are a couple of bits I've missed off which were a pure mistake, I mis-judged the size of a pair of grey leopard print leggings, they are a bit big but I'm toying with whether to keep them or get rid, also I had a little grey shrug but it had a hole in it :( only 50p each but even so.

Left to Right
New Look T-shirt - 50p
Oasis Sleeveless top - £1
Black sequin top - 50p

Cameo Ring  - £3
(quite pricey but I fell in love)

Miss Selfridge Shoes £2 - brand new
Brown leather boots - £1 - might have to sell these tho because they are very wide round the leg, I think they might be Evans ones because although they are a 6 they are very big both round the leg and the foot.

New Look Cropped Jacket £1
I am loving the print of this jacket, I seem to developing a real thing for cropped jackets (and waistcoats) at the moment, I'm attracted to them where ever I go. I think this jacket will look fab with white linen trousers and tan sandals - as well as what I've throw together below of course.

(Jacket worn with Gap cropped jeans from charity shop, M&S shoes £1 from previous carboot)

Couple of Soap and Glory Bits - 50p each
As a massive Soap and Glory fan I couldn't pass these up

Floral shoulder bag - 50p
Tea Cup & Saucer - 50p
River Island Purse - 50p
Book 50p
Necklace and 2 bangles - £1

Gosh where do I start with this lot, I adore it all.

Nautical style dress/top £1
(worn with Gap jeans from charity shop, TopShop jacket £3 from previous carboot and New Look nautical deck shoes 50p from previous carboot)

I can't see myself wearing this as a dress, although that's what I think it's meant to be, it's very light so perfect for summer. It caught my eye straight away and I thought it was a steal at £1. No idea what size or make it is as there are no labels. I don't know if you can see from the picture but it ties up at the front creating a little bib thing, very cute.

Skirt 50p
(Worn with topshop black vest 99p charity shop, vintage peep toe shoes charity shop)

A girl can never have enough summer skirts - says the girl who's wardrobe is bulging at it's hinges

Black Waist Coat 50p
Red Tulip Skirt 50p
Black Miss Selfridge Shoes (BN) £2
(worn with black TopShop vest 99p from charity shop)

I just knew as soon as I saw this skirt what a versatile piece it's going to be, and at 50p bargain. It's something that will carry me right through the winter, what a good investment.

Polka Dot Play Suit £2
(Worn with red tights £1, Miss Selfridge leopard print shoes £7.50 in the sale years ago, string of pearls some carboot sometime!)

I tried to haggle the stall holder down to £1 but she was having none of it, so I parted with £2 for this play suit which I'm really not sure about. I have real issues with my muscular thighs, they don't actually look too bad in the picture above but I'm still not totally convinced. I do know I would never go bare legged in one. What's the best way to wear it, I'm struggling for ideas. I tried to go a bit rockabilly with the red tights and leopard print shoes...

So that's my weekend carboot haul :)

P.S if you're wondering about the sunglasses, I'd not long woken up from a big sleep in the sofa and had puffy eyes

Lots of Love

Queenie xxx

Vintage Vixen  – (11 July 2010 at 20:09)  

What fabulous finds! My favourites have to be that cropped New Look jacket (stunning print, great shape) and the pretty summer skirt (so you, really pretty and feminine).
I love how you've styled everything. The paysuit looks great on you. You have gorgeous legs, perfectly shaped, just beautiful. Why not try wearing the playsuit with some ankle boots? Making it more rock-chicky. A long sleeveless knitted waistcoat would look great over the top, too.

heartshapedbruise.  – (11 July 2010 at 22:15)  

Yet again, some brilliant buys :)

I LOVE the outfits you've shown us! My favourite pieces are the summery skirt, the red skirt & the playsuit - they all look so amazing on you! & can't believe how cheap they were - crazy! (Pretty sure I always say that, but it's true!)


giddynici  – (11 July 2010 at 22:53)  

Wow you got amazing buys!!! Loving all of it but especially the summer skirt. The way you have styled the playsuit is fab. It looks great with the red tights. I like Vix' idea of ankle boots to harden the look still.

Sorry about the double award. After your comment I totally remembered your post cos I loved the idea of a stand up course. My memory is just all to pot at the moment, more so than normal. The gesture was just cos it's great having you back bloggin! x

Alex  – (12 July 2010 at 16:53)  

Amazing buys!! I genuinely love everything you've bought and the way you've styled it all is wonderful.

ps - as a wide calfed size 6 person, I'll happily take those lovely brown boots off your hands if you don't want them!

Disco Goth  – (14 July 2010 at 15:08)  

I absolutely love the cropped jacket on you, it is definitely a good look for you and a brilliant bargain too =)


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