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In’s and Outs


My new TopShop jacket snaffled for £6 from the charity shop on Wednesday Lunch time, quite pricey for me but I fell in love as soon as I saw it. Must remember to be careful though, it now needs a little repair work after my shoulder bag pulled off some of the beading :( so next week I’m on the hunt for some matching beads so I can make it perfect again.

Inception – oh my goodness, what a brilliant film, certainly the best film I have seen for a long while. Leonardo Dicaprio delivers yet again (but I’ve not seen him beat his performance in Blood Diamond to date) I did spend the first half hour of the film utterly confused, starching my head and whispering to Darling Boyfriend asking what the hell was going on, but then it started to come together and gripped me to the end.

On the fence

Long train journeys – I’m going to Bournemouth to see some friends, but only for a little over 24 hours, kinda wondering whether the 5.5hour journey there and then the same back and £55 in train tickets (that’s with a railcard) is worth it. I need to get some local friends me think!

Chanel Chance Body Lotion – Picked this up brand new in the charity shop a few weeks ago for £2.50 and although it feels luxurious when I use it there’s something quite rich about the smell that makes me feel a bit old…and if that makes sense you deserve a medal :)


The weather, grrrr what the F**K is going on, where is the sunshine? Where is the summer? I had to dig out my winter riding boots to wear today. Fair to say I’m over it and I demand the powers that be (because yes I really am that powerful) to cast this weather aside and bring our summer back!

Not being able to sleep when my Darling Boyfriend is away, never can so I potter about, and then lay and read til I fall asleep. Maybe there’s a sliver lining in that long train journey tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to get some shut eye along the way.

I'll be back blogging on Sunday with some outfit posts from the weekend, and hopefully (please weather change) some carboot finds, I'm not feeling hopeful though.

Have a good weekend everyone

Ta ta for now

Queenie xx

Roo Paprika  – (23 July 2010 at 08:31)  

The detail on that jacket is so beautiful, I don't think £6 is too much for something so pretty. I've heard a lot about Inception now, may well have to drag the Aussie down to the pictures to check it out

Alex  – (23 July 2010 at 12:22)  

Beautiful jacket! Get yourself to Abakhan (just off London Road) for all the beads and sequins and sewing bits and bobs you could ever need.

Am I the only one actually enjoying all this rain? I can do without the cold but the rain is fun!

giddynici  – (23 July 2010 at 15:27)  

Very pretty jacket! I'm sure you'll have it mended up in no time. Definitely with you on the cost of train travel, it's ridiculous!


Stevia  – (23 July 2010 at 15:43)  

cool jacket!
love the flower detail

we had the same story!
i spent the first 30 minutes being 'what?' and 'hold on. what was that?'
but I must say, it's an EPIC movie!

did you pay any attention to that little girl from Juno? she always wears a scarf and I think it made her look so unique!

anyway, come visit my blog!

let me know if you want to exchange link or just follow each other :)

LadyBugSays ...  – (24 July 2010 at 18:10)  

That jacket is lovely, well worth £6. I am getting fed up of the weather too, needing to cover up for the rain and the cold in the morning, but it being all humid and muggy in the afternoon is not agreeing with me!

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