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Chick chick chick chick chicken…

I’ve actually scheduled this post because I just know that Friday is going to be an exhausting day. At work for 8am and not finishing until 5.15pm, plus it’s DBF’s day off so hopefully I’ll meet him after work to do something romantic (or if I step out of my fantasy head for a moment what I mean is that we’ll hang out after work)

As most of you know I’ve moved to Liverpool which meant making a new place a home, my kitchen is one my favourite rooms and I thought I’d share with you some recent accessories I’ve picked up.

Storage containers £1.99 each from B&M bargains

B&M bargains £1.99 for the pair of pourers and £1.99 for the butter dish.

Aw my chicken…my pair of chickens. We had one of thes brown ones when I was a kid and I’d forgotten all about it until a few months ago when I was watching reruns of the TV show Bread - an old BBC comedy based on a scouse family. Anyway they have one of these chickens which they keep their money in, it’s shown in the credits. I’ve been on the hunt since for a chicken of my own, I nearly partned with £29.99 in a well know department store. I’m glad I didn’t because I picked up these two beauties at the same carboot about a month apart for an English pound each, yes £1. Saying I’m over the moon would be an understatement. The brown one has been relegated to the top of the fridge and the white one is home to my eggs and lives on the work surface. Just goes to show, once again, that lie-ins are overrated and carboots are the place to be early on a Sunday morning.

What’s in your kitchen?

Ta ta for now

Queenie xx

Alex  – (9 July 2010 at 11:48)  

Oh how fun are those chickens? I am fully convinced that you can eventually find anything you're looking for at a car boot sale.

Disco Goth  – (9 July 2010 at 13:53)  

I love the chickens - I think I'd like mine to be full of money like the one in Bread.
Is it just me that doesn't understand about post scheduling? I think so...


Sher  – (9 July 2010 at 14:52)  

Oh, such cute chickys!! I can't wait to have a kitchen of my own to decorate:)


giddynici  – (11 July 2010 at 00:07)  

The chickens are cool! Glad you are getting settled in and making it homely.

Have left an award for you on my blog.


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