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Ferry...across the Mersey

Well Helllllooo ladies (and gentlemen if you’re reading).

Firstly to answer Alex’s question, yes I’ll be staying in Liverpool, until at least the end of next March. 6 weeks ago I started a fixed term contract with the company I had been temping for the 8 months previous, and I :heartheartheart: my job so would be foolish to walk away from something I love to do to nothing. Plus I’m pretty much a nomad, where is home? When I think of *home* nothing comes anymore because I’ve moved about so much and my family no longer live where I grew up...but anyway I guess home is here for now, and it’s about taking the time to both add a personal touch to the flat, and begin the laborious and terrifying challenge of creating a life for myself.

What actually make the effort to meet people and make friends?!? Scary prospect, very! What if they don’t like me...the insecurity runs deep. I don’t drink which pretty much rules out the usual quick and easy way of getting to know people BUT I have joined a young persons rambling club and am slowly getting to know people through that. I guess it’s about taking risks and saying YES to life more.

But anyway...that’s not what this blog is about (not that I really know what it is about any more).

Shoes....of course, when everything else is falling apart there is always SHOES (well usually but not in my case at the moment), that and a nice cup of herbal tea.

I recently purchased a gorgeous pair of LK Bennett leopard print peep toe shoes from a charity shop while I was visiting my mum, they are a size 5...I’m a size 6. Can I squeeze my lumpy heffer feet into them...can I hell, try as I might :o( I knew at the time they were a squeeze but foolishly bought them anyway. Now they are sitting here looking all pretty and gorgeous, and I can’t even take them out to play. The sensible part of me knows I should just ebay them, the shoe princess inside cries out that I need to keep them, even if all I can do is admire and stroke. What do you think?

Also I recently popped by Irregular Choice Cherry. Now it’s got to be said I am not a huge fan of Irregular Choice shoes but when I saw these beauties on ebay I fell in lurve. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with sizing...these are a size 6, my size, but they pinch my left foot after a couple of hours of wear, the right fits perfectly but not the left, why God damn you! I may have to re-ebay :( but I love them, sooooo much *sobs*

Carboot season is back HURRAH! I attended my first (hopefully of many) this year on Sunday. It was my birthday and what else should a girl be doing except tramping round a field rummaging through other people’s personal possessions. Three and a half hours later, and a huge bag of stuff, here are my faves from the weekend charity shop/carboot hunt:

Vintage St Michaels cami, £1.49 from the Salvation Army

Snapped up these C&A leather boots for £2, pretty good condition, no idea how old they are

Perfect for Summer Next dress for £1, plan to team it with a big red belt to funk things up a bit

Love this shirt, also from the Salvation Army charity shop for a teeny £2.49. No label and looks hand made, cant wait to wear it.

There are lots more things BUT you'll have to wait for those...I'll be back soon hopefully with an outfit post if I'm feeling confident enough, or perhaps just more of my general ramblings.

Queenie xx

Alex  – (22 April 2011 at 13:46)  

IC sizing is notoriously bizarre - I have size 6's that are too big and size 7's that are too small. I think you have to take the risk. They usually have a decent resale value on ebay though so hopefully you won't end up out of pocket.

Your other buys are great! Where have you started car booting? There's so much proper cricket on at the cricket club this year that I'm not sure the car boot there will be running to the same schedule as usual.

daisychain  – (22 April 2011 at 17:29)  

Welcome back! Woo I have missed you LOADS! I'm so envious of your fab car boot finds x

dinoprincesschar  – (10 May 2011 at 09:53)  

I love those LK Bennetts, but if you really won't ever wear them maybe the sensible part should win and you could sell them to buy a pair which you can wear? Love the ICs too !!

LolaStar  – (24 January 2012 at 17:17)  

Just came across your blog, and I'm literally sitting here green with envy. How do you manage to find such good stuff in charity shops/car boots? I'm hoping it's because you're in Liverpool, and not that I'm a bad bargain finder!

Charity shops in London are actually quite expensive. And I always sleep in at the weekends so never manage to get to a car boot!

Must say that I'm loving the leather boots though, and they're even more impressive for just £2!


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