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Crawling back to blogland with a broken heart

Long time no post, am crawling back to blogland after a loooong time away.

Life since I've been AWOL in a nutshell: laptop broke, went on holiday to dom rep, got engaged, laptop got fixed, got a second job, gave up second job when day job was made perm, mum had a failed op, gained 32lb, lost 17 of those again and counting, joined a rambling group, split up and (now ex) OH moved out 2 weeks ago, just been to my first carboot of the year, am planning to decorate the flat, am off for 11 days over easter!

And breathe.

I have been following you guys, just not posting myself, but I'm planning to blog more, I've missed it and I've missed you all. Funny how small and empty life can become when all you've really invested in is a relationship and that goes.

But anyway, I should really be getting ready for work :)

Queenie xxx

Alex  – (20 April 2011 at 11:06)  

You're back, hurrah!! Sorry to hear about you and the ex though - are you staying in Liverpool or have you got plans to move back home?

dinoprincesschar  – (10 May 2011 at 09:51)  

Oh I'm glad you are blogging again..!

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