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Why do things by halves?

Because it’s easier?!?!? Now I’m not the kind of girl who does this by halves, never have done, prob never will do.

Before I launch into why, two slight detours.

I went to the gym this morning to break my Zumba virginity. Have you ever done a zumba class? It’s the most ridiculous and hilarious form of exercise I have ever partaken in. Don’t get me wrong it seemed to be a good work out judging the fact I was sweating profusely but it’s just utterly ridiculous. All hip swaying and bum shaking (or wobbling), I was crying with laughter.

The second just to share how pathetic I'm being, I was invited out to a party by an almost friend (I say almost because I've met her a couple of times out rambling and once on a rambling social evening for an hour), the fact it was a 65 year old birthday party for one of her colleagues is beside the point. I was invited out and initially said yes, and then hair/make up done about to get dressed and I became very insecure and cancelled. I feel terrified of meeting new people, getting out of my comfort zone and out into the big wide (scary) world. I feel pathetic, also I feel guilty for saying yes and then my fear taking over and cancelling at the last minute *sigh* I know I've got to do it, get out and meet people, socialise, learn how to be single, but for tonight I want to sit in my PJs (complete with a full face of make up and beautifully set hair), anyway enough of that and on with the not doing things by halves...

All change here in the Queenie household, and being off for 11 days has given me the perfect opportunity to ‘personalise’ the flat. And do I start small? Who me?

So yesterday I moved the bedroom round, had a big sort out, bought new bedding, and added the Queenie stamp. The now ex OH detested leopard print, so as you can see from the photos below I’ve added a splash or two here and there:

Polka dot bedding from Wilkos, leopard print furry throw reduced to £2 each in Primark

I can now have ALL my shoes and boots on display, HURRAH!

I rescued the chair from outside and covered it with a throw, well if someone was getting rid of it away I thought I’d find a use for it!

I’m quite happy with the way the room has turned out.

I then decided to see if the tiles in the bathroom would come down and they do. I have loathed them from the day I moved in. The are just self adhesive floor tiles which were stuck to the wall by the previous tenant, good for the goose good for the gander so they speak, I’ll be replacing them with the same in a different style. They can be picked up for £1 a pack in the discount stores such as Poundland and the 99p store. Mum is going to come and help me at the end of May, which is a long time to live in bathroom decorating hell, but they had to come down. The leopard print shower curtain is a new addition, picked up yesterday in Primark for £4, I was just trying it out

Today I’ve made a start on the feature wall in my kitchen, the colour is vintage rose (looks more reddy in this pic but it’s actually quite pinky) I’ve got the rest of the cutting in to do and another coat. I had stopped for a much needed rest.

And if that wasn’t enough I’ve got a huge pile of stuff to ebay from my sorting out yesterday.

I’ll be looking forward to going back to work for a rest!

Ta ta for now

Queenie xx

heartshapedbruise.  – (24 April 2011 at 00:03)  

So glad to see you back blogging - I'd only recently wondered where you'd disappeared to..

I understand where you're coming from, with the whole 'getting out there' thing - I can recall a number of occasions where I've been looking forward to a night out or whatever, get ready & then can't faceit.. I wish I had some tips to help you, but I'm rubbish at doing anything/seeing anyone/going anywhere, so am not really in a position to advise I'm afraid..

Love the stamp you're putting on your flat (the polka dot bedding is particularly amazing - love it!)


daisychain  – (24 April 2011 at 17:16)  

I want to bounce on your bed!

Alex  – (24 April 2011 at 22:10)  

Oh the flat looks gorgeous!! You've got such a lovely amount of space in the bedroom and hurrah for having your shoes out on display.

dinoprincesschar  – (10 May 2011 at 09:57)  

Yay for shoes - would love to have mine out on proper display!
I love the way your home is taking shape :)
I totally get what you mean about cancelling last minute etc, I have been thru a phase recently of not being sure if i wanted to step out fo my comfort zone and meet new people etc- even though i am aware that the people i was previously spending time with were making me sad if that makes sense :S

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