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Mish Mash of Today’s Outfit, Sunday’s carboot finds and Giveaway Winner

I have been somewhat neglectful of my appearance over the last few days, carbooting on Sunday meant jeans for trekking around a muddy field early doors, Monday was spent sorting through the house in preparation for moving and yesterday well all I can say about yesterday is blah. (Nothing felt right and having not made the effort the few days before it felt like climbing a mountain trying to coordinate colours and styles.) Oh to be to be a 50’s housewife, donning a pretty dress, high heels, apron and feather duster, floating round the house baking cakes. I'm sure it didn't happen like that but I do often wonder how other women dress to clean/manage their homes.

So here is what I’ve dragged out the wardrobe today and forced myself to wear because the pull to just throw on a pair of jeans again is super strong, but I say NO to jeans today and yes to making slightly more an effort. Silly flash was playing up on my camera so pics are a bity rubbish, sorry about that.

Pink jersey polo neck George £1 via chairty shop
Shirt New Look 30p via jumble sale
Treggings New Look £7 in the sale
Office Boots £5 via charity shop
Denim mac New Look Sale - about £10 I think but can't remember
Bead necklace 30p via Carboot sale

Here are a couple of bits from my haul at the carboot on Sunday. It was great fun and I came away with a couple of bags full of stuff, just when we are meant to be clearing out house I keep bringing home more stuff opps...oh well, I've got a flea market tonight (maybe) and then a jumble sale on Saturday so I'm sure there is more to come yet!

Mischa Barton Bag - £1.50
Perfume atomizer - £2.50
Topshop puffball skirt – 50p ( marks are from camera)

I also picked up a wooden bangle with gold detail for 25p, a couple of strings of pearls for 30p each and a few other bits. I’m really pleased about the atomizer because the spray on my Jean Paul Gaultier perfume broke a few months ago and I was refusing to throw it out as there was still about 40mls left and now I can use it again instead of gazing at it longingly wondering whether I should throw it out. Hurrah.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the winner of the giveaway (picked using random.org) is…..

LouLou who blogs at plumpfeathers

Well done Lou, email me your address and I’ll pop your goodies in the post for you tomorrow x

Lots of Love

(second hand junkie) Queenie xxx

Alex  – (17 March 2010 at 11:53)  

I generally wear my pj's or really rubbish clothes to clean in - no point getting nice stuff covered in dust is there?!

Love all your bargainous finds, especially the atomiser.

Well done Lou :)

dinoprincesschar  – (17 March 2010 at 12:24)  

oh i usually just wear whatever i've come home from work in lol..so tends to be a dress, and then change for the rest of the evening..

Vicki  – (17 March 2010 at 16:21)  

Love the bag! You have done so well, and the shirt over the pink top works beautifully.
Congrats Loulou!!
Vicki xxx

daisychain  – (17 March 2010 at 16:48)  

Congrats to Lou!
I love your outfit and fabulous finds!

I will photo the clothes I'm getting rid of soon and e-mail you xx

Vintage Vixen  – (17 March 2010 at 17:26)  

Hooray to a worthy winner! Great litle haul you've got yourself there, Chick and you really do look pretty in pink.

Jen  – (17 March 2010 at 18:18)  

I LOVE the perfume atomizer. I saw a few of these at the vintage fair I went to at the weekend and deliberated, but they were £5 and £10 a piece! Yours was such a bargain, and useful too!

Disco Goth  – (17 March 2010 at 21:03)  

Wonderful bargains! I love the bag.

Helga  – (18 March 2010 at 02:11)  

I hardly ever clean!!!But I dress up if I do,as it makes it less of a chore.O,and I have a drink,too.A spot of vodka is encouraging,I feel.
I always find fabulous opshop finds just when I should be clearing out stuff!!Nature abhors a vaccuum,they say!

heartshapedbruise.  – (18 March 2010 at 21:55)  

Thanks for the comment :)

Love your outfit here - the colours are really nice together.


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