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The indie kid is back…well almost

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is well, just updating with a quick outfit post and latest purchases (I’ve really got to stop spending, well maybe). I’m cleaning in a primary school this week in the afternoons so outfits need to be suited to that, although tomorrow I’m going to get dressed earlier so then I can get changed for work, instead of getting dressed with work in mind.

So here is what I wore today: (sorry about the pics my camera flash was being mardy!)

Diesel Jeans £30 from TK Max – I love the way they feel even though they are a bit too big now.
Star Print T-shirt – originally Primark but bought second hand from the lovely Laura at adaisychaindream
Velvet Jacket – recent charity shop purchase I previously blogged about
Converse – £6.50 via ebay

And here is the most exciting part of my day, a friend recently told me about a little second hand shop, I’m not sure if it’s a charity shop or not but it is STUFFED with bric-a-brac, clothes, books, household stuff, I didn’t have much time today to properly rummage but had a good rummage through the clothes and shoes. There was a bin bag full of old shoes in their original boxes. Now I’m not an expert when it comes to vintage but I think these are vintage shoes? The red ones are Holmes and the white ones are Rolucia. Either way they are gorgeous and at £1 a pair I couldn’t resist.

Anyway I’m off for a shower and to curl up, darling boyfriend has got work at 6am so it’ll be another early morning in our house.

Lots of love

Queenie xx

Alex  – (23 March 2010 at 19:34)  

Whether they're vintage or not (and they look it to my untutored eye), they're great!

Vintage Vixen  – (23 March 2010 at 19:36)  

I'm loving the shape of those jeans on you, in fact the whole outfit is just lovely. You must be the most stylish cleaning lady on the block!
Holmes shoes, used to be "Miss Holmes" in the 60's. Nice British make, great quality, fab find!

Loulou  – (23 March 2010 at 19:46)  

Very stylish! I must try to find time for blogging too...

Thank you for the parcel, it arrived and I've had great fun trying out the S&G stuff. Now I know why everyone raves about it lol.

Jen  – (23 March 2010 at 20:14)  

Good old Holmes! They always come out tops for vintage shoes. Even 90s stuff can be officially classed as vintage now. so I think it's safe to say they are! :)

giddynici  – (23 March 2010 at 21:10)  

What a fab outfit. I love the velvet blazer teamed with the cons. Great find on the shoes, and the price... awesome! x

Disco Goth  – (23 March 2010 at 21:37)  

That is a wonderful outfit, love it all. Those red shoes are beautiful!!! x

Sharon.  – (23 March 2010 at 22:04)  

Love your new velvet jacket you are the epitome of indie chic :)

Helga  – (24 March 2010 at 03:51)  

Awesome shoe find!!!Both of them,but esp the red ones!!And the velvet jacket rocks!!:)

dinoprincesschar  – (24 March 2010 at 12:33)  

oh how lovely, the red shoes are fab, very dorothy! :)

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