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Is Shopping an addiction? More to the point am I a shopping addict? (Scroll down for outfits)

Hello pretty people,

If you don't want to read my blurb there are outfits in the second half of the post xx

Well it’s been put to me by a very close and loving friend that I might be developing a serious shopping habit, (and also today by my darling boyfriend) and although I’m not spending hundreds of pounds on the high street each week, I’m buying lots of things I don’t need for the sake of buying them. I love buying second hand but I have to agree that buying 2 pairs of boots and a pair of shoes in one sitting is a tad excessive, and if I count up the amount of footwear I’ve bought since moving to Liverpool is ridiculous. There are lots of pairs I haven’t even worn yet, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying more if I see them. I justify it to myself in two ways, firstly it’s not a huge amount of money that I am spending so therefore it’s ok, secondly that the charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets are helping me to settle in up here and to some extent it is, but it’s detracting away from what’s really happening on an emotional level. I often feel lonely, I’m struggling to leave my life behind in Nottingham and start a new life here, I find it difficult that me and my lovely boyfriend spend less time together because life has changed, also that I have to share him with his family – something I never had to do because they lived so far way; and I’m struggling with the transition from being a student and now looking for employment in a slow market – I have got an interview tomorrow, and if I don't get that will be starting another role temp to perm on Monday, so it's not all bad. And I'm not a victim here because I too made the choice to relocate, and a big transition takes time to adjust to.

So anyway, the bottom line seems to be that I am either a shopping addict or verging on becoming one. I shop to escape reality, I've been to the charity shops Tuesday, Wednesday and today and bought things each time.  I love the chase – the excitement I feel on the way to a car boot sale or charity shop, the anticipation, it’s almost a thrill. I am careful when I’m there, only buying things that I like, I don’t buy things that I’m unsure about, but there always end up being lots of things that I like, so I always end up coming back with bags full of stuff – well you can see from my past blog posts how I like to shop. And the thing that sets me apart is that as soon as I get home from one stint, I’m already planning and almost fantasising about the next. I still love the stuff I've bought, ok the odd thing I look at and wonder what I was thinking but for the most part I love everything I buy. I feel sad if I can’t go to the charity shops, I want to factor it in to any activity that I do, every day out, any day off…. *cringe*

What does the dictionary say?


1. To cause (someone or oneself) to becoming dependent one something Query
2. A person who is addicted Query
3. A person devoted to something er Yes

And the Thesaurus

• Hooked Query
• Absorbed Yep
• Accustomed Yep
• Dedicated Yep
• Dependant Query
• Devoted Hell yeah
• Deposed Query
• Fond Yup
• Habituated Most certainly
• Inclined Yup
• Obsessed Absolutely
• Prone Yup

Um moving swiftly on…I’ve been quite lax and blogging since I got my internet connection up and running, in fact I’ve hardly been online at all since I got it back, not that I’ve been doing anything else really, I’ve just not been online. Here are a couple of outfit posts from the week:

I wore this combo on Sunday:

Dress Primark via Charity Shop £2.89
Red Tights Primark £1
Leopard print cardi H&M via Carboot sale 50p
Red Belt 50p Flea market
Office Cowboy Boots via Charity Shop £5

And I wore this combo today:

Dress Primark via Charity shop £2.99
Mustard Cardi H&M via Charity Shop £2.99
Grape Tights Primark £1
Office Cowboy Boots via Charity Shop £5

I must be the only person who buys Primark via the charity shop, I don’t mind paying £3 for something Primark from a charity shop if it’s worth £3, mostly the charity shops over price Primark stuff but I thought these were worth buying and hopefully because Primark turn over their stick so quickly no one else will be wearing them!

Just realised that most of my blog outfit posts feature my Office Cowboy boots, they were one of my best ever buys from a charity shop and I’ve lived in them over the last year and half…I have no idea why I keep buying all these other shoes when all I wear (pretty much) is these boots. But if it’s not shoes it’s dresses…I have got so many dresses no in my wardrobe there is hardly room for anything else!

Oh well there is always more self searching to be done I guess.

Lots of Love

Queenie xx

Jen  – (13 May 2010 at 19:39)  

I can sympathise so very much with this post. I understand the emotions you connect to shopping completely, because I mirror them! I shop when I'm bored, lonely, upset, stressed, sad... and I also shop because I need stuff, because I want stuff, because I have spare/more money or because my friends are. Basically, my whole life revolves around shopping!

I keep it under control by selling old things on eBay, but sometimes thinking about the amount of money I've spent makes me feel very sick!

Hope you're doing okay. xxx

LadyBugSays ...  – (13 May 2010 at 20:37)  

This post perfectly describes me. I know I don't need to shop, but I always want something/can't pass up a bargain/want something to cheer me up!

Vintage Vixen  – (13 May 2010 at 21:26)  

Don't beat yourself up over it, you're having fun and it's not breaking the bank...life's too freaking short!
I love those Office boots they really were bargain of the century!

Alex  – (13 May 2010 at 23:57)  

As long as you're not spending money you haven't got, it can't be too much of a problem! But I do know what you mean and if you're buying stuff just for sheer short term satisfaction and never wearing any of it, that's not necessarily a healthy approach. Perhaps channel a bit of your shopping energy into finding something new to do? You said that you're shopping to escape reality - well what would you like your reality to look like? We might be able to suggest something to try?

dinoprincesschar  – (14 May 2010 at 11:50)  

Hey Queenie - i hope you're settling in a little..i think i understand you completely - i've been told the same thing on many occasions by friends, and i think sometimes the main reason for spending so much time shopping is a lack of inspiration - esp. when you've just moved to somewhere new..
i used to spend all of my uni weekends in manchester with my ex, as that's where he was, and we would hit the shops every weekend..just for a wander round..i think back and wish i had been a little more into the exciting other things we could have been doing / seeing..

that said, so long as it's not going to pose any financial problems, i see no problem with shopping..in moderation, like everything else..

daisychain  – (14 May 2010 at 17:20)  

I seriously adore your outfit.

And regarding the shopping addiction,
this is something I've discussed at length with my nurse, back when I first started seeing her,
and reading your post made me think of myself back then...and also other people I'm friends with...seems like times of stress and we all have our crutches.

And, thank you for your e-mail, brightened my day xx

giddynici  – (15 May 2010 at 21:33)  

I love your polka dot dress. It's fab!

Don't worry too much about the shopping as long as you can afford it. If it is helping you adjust to the new city and settle in a little you don't want to just cut yourself off.


Helga!  – (16 May 2010 at 04:05)  

I understand,really I do!!I'm with Vix-if it gives you pleasure,don't beat yourself up over it!!I'm quite convinced I'm addicted,but chazza shopping is so cheap,and fun,and I just try and have a clear out every so often!I have more dresses than you can poke a stick at,but I adore them!!I was tempted to go shopping today,but successfully convinced myself that if I were to fix & adjust all the frokcs that are too big/too long/not quite right,then I would have another 10 frocks to play with....

Sarah  – (16 May 2010 at 21:40)  

Oh, I can relate to this. But I think as long as it's not getting you into debt - ie you can afford the things you're buying out of your 'pocket money' and managing to pay bills etc - and it's not taking over you life and prevening you from doing other things - ie turning down offers of socialising with friends so that you can shop - then it's ok. xx

Jazzabelle  – (17 May 2010 at 15:47)  

don't worry, i often buy clothes from primark via the charity shop, my local charity shop has a brilliant 50p rail with lovely bits and bobs! but i agree that many charity shops overprice primark clothes, i mean, no way am i buying a dress for £10 when it costs less brand new!

have a lovely day, m'dear. vintage vixen is right, 'you're having fun and it's not breaking the bank...life's too freaking short'

love, jazzabelle. xxx

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