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Morning beautiful readers,

I'm blogging from work again but all going well my internet connection should be live by the end of the day tomorrow, hurrah! It's amazing how much space and time I've discovered in my life without it - not that I have filled it with much else other than self pity and grief at not having the internet. Ok that's not exactly true but I have missed it, and it has surprised me how much.

It's a dull day here in Liverpool, the view over the mist covered city looks a little eerie, and despite the weather attempting to drizzle I'm sporting some peep toe shoes I recently gave a home to, charity shop of course. I've teamed them with black trousers and a white shirt. No outfit pic today but it really is all about the shoes, where do you ladies find the time in the morning to pose for photographs before rushing out of the door to get to work. You'd think that working 5 minutes away from where I live I'd have plenty of time, but the earlier I get up the less time I seem to have, how does that work??!? So bizarre law in physics? Or rather more likely bad planning on my part.

I've got a pic of the shoes if that helps? and I'll work on being a better blogger in future *nods head*

As promised here are some pics of my weekend hauls:

 Dress - Charity Shop - £3.99
Topshop Skirt - Charity Shop - £3.99
Oasis Shoes - Carboot - £1.50

 Spotty Top - Carboot - 50p
Monsoon Suede Boots - Carboot - 50p
Brown Knee Length Boots - Carboot - £1.50

 H&M Pink Floral Skirt - Carboot - 50p
French Connection Skirt - Carboot - 50p

Bootcut Jeans - Charity Shop - 99p
Check Dress - Carboot - 20p
Oasis Slim Jeans - Charity Shop - £3.99

And I've been quite naughty on the shoe front lately, we're struggling for shoe storage as it is - please help...how do you shoe addicts store all your shoes? All my boots and in the bottom of the wardrobe (just) and my shoes are just all thrown together in two big boxes (as well as a few pairs in shoe boxes). I was thinking of investing in lots of those plastic shoe boxes and just stacking them up against the wall. The alternative of course is to just stop buying shoes, um let's be honest here...I can't see that happening any time soon, can you?

 New Look Wedges - Brand New - Charity Shop £4.99
White Floral Peep Toes - Charity Shop - £2
Green Slingbacks - Charity Shop - £2.49
Black Pointy - New Look Sale £10.00 (shocking price for me!)

The Sunday before the one just gone (still following?) I went to a little flea market in the south of the city, I felt quite brave venturing out on my own with an advert I'd cut from the local paper and my AtoZ. It was great, I got talking to some of the stall holders and managed to find out about a few other similar events in and around the city which are held monthly, well if anything they should keep me busy.

Here are a couple of bits I picked up:

I bought the dress, bag and a 50's floral apron for a fiver, I also picked up some cameo clip on earrings which are gorgeous for a quid. I always get in and have a real rummage around, asking if I can go in bags full of goodies behind the stall, when I'm at car boot sales going through things that are still in boxes in the boot of the car, I'm always polite about it and ask first and people are always happy to oblige, the best bargains are often found that way.

Me and my darling boyfriend ventured out to Southport a couple of weeks ago, it is an absolute haven of charity shops, one after another after another, I honestly think that is what heaven will be like for me (I certainly hope so anyway!) and I came across this beautiful parrot dress in the YMCA charity shop. It's so garish but I absolutely adore it, someone has made it from scratch and although when I tried it on it was way too big I had to have it. My lovely mum is going to alter it for me, sadly I seem to have lost my foot pedal for my sewing machine in the move (there were tears, but apparently it can be replaced for about £20 grr but yay at the same time)) but she's taken it home with her so I'm going to have to wait a while before I can indulge in wearing it.

Right I think that is more than enough from me...I'm sure I could have spread all this over several posts but here it is all in one, aren't you lucky :)

I'm off to check out a local gym later today to see what classes they offer and whether it's affordable enough, I'm looking for ways to get out there and meet people. It's too easy to fall into the trap of living in an online world and speaking to my friends around the country on the phone, I'd like to connect with people up here and it's only going to happen if I put myself out there. I'd like to join some sort of craft class too but my hunt for that continues.

Lots of Love

Queenie xxx

Alex  – (5 May 2010 at 11:02)  

Oh Queenie you have found some AMAZING things! I am in love with several of those dresses.

You'll have to let me know more about these car boot sales and flea markets. We've moved from North to South Liverpool and I haven't sussed out all the good places yet. There's a really big one at Aigburth Cricket Club but it doesn't seem to have started up again yet. Would love to meet up for a coffee and some shopping!

For gyms, try the one in Liverpool One. I think it's only £10 a month and there's no contract. If that's not for you, all the council run Lifestyles gyms are really quite cheap (my swimming membership is only £12.50 a month).

Loulou  – (5 May 2010 at 11:37)  

Queenie, I love those floral shoes, what a bargain. I store mine in my wardrobe and under the spare bed, luckily I have the space to do this - they all have to be kept in clear plastic boxes as my cat chews them otherwise.

I don't blame you for having that toucan-print dress, the fabric is adorable.

Vintage Vixen  – (5 May 2010 at 12:23)  

I'm glad to see you back and bargain spotting! I love the granny bag, parrot dress, Monsoon boots and checked dress the most but they're all pretty fabulous! Can't wait to see you wearing them.

daisychain  – (5 May 2010 at 17:24)  

Seriously amazing finds dear girl, you know I'm a fan! x

Butterfly I let go  – (5 May 2010 at 20:30)  

I keep a lot of my shoes under the spare bed in 2 of those large under bed storage boxes. The rest are in clear plastic boxes in the wardrobe or standing in a large tower against the wall (I really need to have a clear out!).
You have a great knack for finding a bargain - you've got some lovely things there. x P.s. I never get a moment to take a picture of myself in the morning and I don't start work til 10.30 half the week!

giddynici  – (6 May 2010 at 09:18)  

Wow you really have found lots of fantastic bargains. The cherry dress is ever so cute. And that Parrot print dress.... fabulous! Look forward to seeing that on. x

dinoprincesschar  – (6 May 2010 at 12:02)  

Tha parrot print dress is just awesome, i hope you style it soon! and i have the cherry dress in the depths somewhere, i really ought to dig it out!

also, i love those floral heels!

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