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Breaking chains

Might seem like a very odd title for this blog but I feel that I’ve reached a small landmark today with overcoming my toiletries addiction…okay okay so it wasn’t quite an addiction but it was certainly getting out of control. Finding any excuse to pop into Boots every day to slip my advantage card in the ACM to see what (so called) offers they had that day, working out the best way to accumulate and spend the £5 money off vouchers, touching, smelling and flirting with face scrubs, body butters, nail varnishes ad infinitum. I posted my stash in an earlier blog and I reckon it’ll take me the rest of the year to use most of it up. So on 21st January I decided to set myself a no spend toiletries challenge for 90 days, so far I’m on track but the first few days/week it was really tough, almost like going cold turkey. I felt empty, I’d lost a hobby, a best friend – it sounds pathetic and perhaps I’m being a tad dramatic but I did find it tough initially. I was using toiletries to treat myself after a hard day and with that gone I needed to find another outlet. So anyway, today I became aware that Soap and Glory have released a new gift set called “A butter Suite”, consisting of three tubs of 150ml body butters - The Righteous Butter, The Daily Smooth, and Butter Up. The pull was so strong, I wanted to rush down to Boots and snap one up there and then, and with a third off the price…But I stopped and thought about it, I looked in my stash and found that I’ve got two Daily Smooth 250ml and two Butter Up 200ml (among many other body butters), also out of the three tubs in the set I only really love one of them, The Daily Smooth. Righteous Butter is too sweet and sickly for me, and Butter Up is nice but that’s all it is. So hold on I was going to rush out and spend £9.33 on three body butters when one I won’t even use and one I wouldn’t ordinarily buy, I realised my madness and saw the obsession and compulsion for what it was. Whoohoo, I broke free and walked away – well virtually because I didn’t actually make it to Boots!

So on to the outfit – I introduced a spring dress today, but I had to wear it with layers and jeans because it’s just soooo cold. .

I didn’t feel fat in this outfit at all today, I’m a perfect size 10 so there is nothing fat about me at all, but for some reason when I’ve uploaded these photos I’m not sure it’s the most flattering dress in the world, thankfully I didn't take my cardi off all day! Perhaps the dress needs to be ebayed, what do you think?

Grey jersey polo neck - £5 new look sale
Navy and white ditsy heart print dress with ruffled front new look sale £8
Blue primark boyfriend cardi £10ish (one of my staples)
Blue skinny jeans £8 primark
Office tan cowboy boots £5 chazza shop
H&M tan Mac £3.99 chazza shop
Burnt orange coloured beads

Thank you for your comments about me in pink, I don’t have much pink in my wardrobe but I might just keep an eye out for the odd piece to add in some colour, it’s so easy for me to wear darker colours, so thank you again for the positive comments and inspiration

Queenie xx

daisychain  – (17 February 2010 at 21:17)  

I have some dresses like that; that make me appear a different size to what I am.
If it doesn't make you feel good, then I'd ebay it. Nothing worse than clothes that drag you down x

Sharon x  – (17 February 2010 at 21:22)  

I cant believe you found that mac in a chazza shop! Im so jealous it looks great on you especially with the belt...I like the dress but if it doesnt feel right it will bring your mood down when you wear it so you should get rid of it and get something new that inspires you :)

Vicki  – (17 February 2010 at 21:36)  

Oooh I'll have it. let me know if you ebay it. You do have a lovely figure and whatever you wear looks great, but I know what you mean, taking photos does show what you don't normally see.
Vicki x

Alex  – (17 February 2010 at 22:05)  

Well done on resisting the lure of Soap & Glory. Very impressed at your willpower :)

You look amazing in that last photo - love the mac and belt!

Loulou  – (17 February 2010 at 22:43)  

Mmm, yeah, not sure about the dress, it doesn't seem to define your waist much. Maybe a skinny belt? It's a pretty print, though.

Disco Goth  – (18 February 2010 at 07:54)  

A second vote for trying a belt, it is a lovely dress. I suspect it is more flowy in real life than in pictures so if you felt good in it until you saw the pics I'd say live with it a while x

Vintage Vixen  – (18 February 2010 at 07:58)  

Well done on conquering your addiction, Queenie! Life's so much better without all that bathroom clutter!
The dress is really cute on you but doesn't do your shape justice. Why not try a really long pendant necklace that finishes at belly button level to draw attention to your small waist?

Anonymous –   – (18 February 2010 at 15:49)  

I'm with you on the size 10 thing. I'm a 8-10 bottom and a 12 top. My proportions means I can easily look fat or pregnant in lots of things, in my eyes anyway.

Only wear what you love because life is too short. That's about as meaningful as I get!


LadyBug  – (18 February 2010 at 17:01)  

Well done on not splurging. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a good talking to! That dress is very pretty, maybe belting it at the waist may help give it a little more shape?

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