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Saturday Night at the Movies...who cares what picture we see

Ok so I'm not really spending Saturday night at the movies, I'm pampering myself by having a long hot bath. We don't often put the water on now that we've got a power shower, so a bubble bath is a rare treat. I'll dive into my stash for a fudge sauna face mask (I've got 5, can't remember if I listed them in my inventory or not). I love these, not only do they smell delish but they also leave my skin so clear and clean. First one I bought was in the superdrug sale for 49p, bought one for me and my mum (but secretly wish I'd bought them both for me, damn you generosity), I tried it, I loved it and then couldn't find them anywhere, thankfully Savers in Nuneaton (a small town that time forgot) had them for 89p each and I had to buy five, just in case there was a war on or something -we've actually got a savers in Nottingham and I think I've see them since in superdrug but priced at 99p. But of course I've been rationing them ever since by using precisely none of them. Rather than enjoying them I'll save them because I don't know when I'll be able to get them again...hello...that's madness. But anyway I'm going to have one tonight, steady now. And since there's no bubble bath left I'll crack open my one and only bottle which is No7 sumptuous bath soak. It is Saturday night after all.

I'm not posting pics of my outfit today, I've been pottering around in my diesel jeans (charity shop), black puff sleeved t-shirt  (asda sale),  my navy Regetta fleece (Matalan sale) and my brown office cowboy boots (Charity shop), so not very glamorous but it passes.

I will however share with you these: Yes they are massive Bramley apples and I'm very excited about eating them. I have one every day for breakfast and I make it my quest to find the biggest ones I can. For some women only Jimmy Choos and matching clutch or a weekend at a spa will do. Not me. The time my OH came home with two massive Bramley apples from the market I knew he loved and understood me more than anyone else in world. Maybe I'm a cheap date or too easy to please, I don't know. (If you're reading my love then I wouldn't ever say no to a pair of Jimmy boots if you were so inclined). These ones were bought by a friend who lives in Kent, she got them from her local farm shop for the tiny price of aprox 90p each. Each one weighs in at between 1lb 3oz and 1lb 5oz (19oz and 21oz), so they are COLOSSAL. (The photo really doesn't do them justice.)

I almost can't wait until breakfast time!

Ta Ta for now

Queenie xx

daisychain  – (6 February 2010 at 20:11)  

I have an apple every morning too, in winter I love them microwaved (sliced) with cinnamon and a spoonful of fat free greek yoghurt. YUM

LadyBug  – (6 February 2010 at 21:20)  

That facemask sounds good, may have to give it a try if I can track it down somewhere! I have the same fruit bowl and I can fit 10 Pink Ladies in there so those apples must be huge!!

HellfireLover  – (6 February 2010 at 21:47)  

The apples look delicious (and huge!) Bet they'd be divine stuffed with mixed fruit and honey and then baked... mmm. :)

Vicki  – (7 February 2010 at 10:26)  

I almost bought some bramleys a couple of days ago (yellow stickered to just pence in Asda) but didn't know what to do with them, doh!
I love soaking in the bath with a facemask, I recently discovered the honey, lemon and yoghurt homemade mask from Vintage Vixen's blog and it is amazing!

Alex  – (7 February 2010 at 12:45)  

Flipping heck, those apples are huge!! I don't like green apples personally, I'm more of a Braeburn girl - is it daft that I didn't know Bramleys were ok for eating, I just thought you cooked with them?

*hangs head in shame*

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