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Thursday...and not a scrap of denim in sight

Well here is the outfit today, I was toying with the idea of coloured tights but I've only got purple and grey ones, both 50den which is far too thin for this weather, and as I'm on a no spend challenge I won't be buying any for a while so I went with 100den black ones. I think the purple ones would have worked but some days it's got to be sanity over vanity!

Photos taken with camera today, lovely boyf took the shots (thank you honey). How do you ladies get your piccies looking a more professional? I'm guessing that taking them in the kitchen isn't helping! Along with the funny faces. I think I need to vogue it up a bit. *come on vogue...let your body move to the music* Old Madge was good back in the day wasn't she.

Warehouse Dress, £2.99 from oxfam
New Look Jersey poloneck (layered under dress) £5 in sale
Primark grey cardie £10ish
Tights 100den - not sure where they are from
Primark Belt £2.50
Pale pink pearl stud earrings, Primark multipack £1.50
Pearl necklace £3 Asda
Bangles £3 from stall at uni

Dorothy Perkins Grey leather and suede boots, £13.50 in the sale
(They were marked up as £15 but I used my student discount yay)

Flower in Hair from Primark

Coast Double Breasted Coat picked up for £5 in charity shop
Scarf £2 in Egypt
Marc B Bag £19.99 from TK MAXX (had about 2 years)

Still chugging along with my no spend challenges, haven't bought any toiletries since 21st Jan and only had a tiny blip on the clothes from by venturing into the charity shop on Monday.  I've just had a call though to participate in a Mascara study, it's only half hour but they give me a £5 gift card for my trouble - they comb my eyelashes, put mascara on and take a photo, give me the mascara to keep AND a £5 gift card...where's the trouble in that?? I've just got to make sure I keep it in a safe place until my no spend is over, otherwise I'll be in Boots like a shot buying more S&G.

Speaking of S&G I'm testing an 'unknown' facewash at the moment, it's pale blue with pink beads and it's smells exactly like the S&G facewipes, I'm 99% certain it's made by them.

Anyway that's enough from me, better get on with some studying. After all it is what they pay me for (well allow me to get into stupid amounts of debt for!)

Ta Ta for now

Queenie xx

daisychain  – (4 February 2010 at 16:41)  

those boots are so fantastic!

Jen  – (4 February 2010 at 20:40)  

You're doing so well with your no spend challenges! I treated myself to a new lipstick and an eyeshadow set today - whoops.

Love the boots!

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