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Toiletries Stash

Oh the shame...

I plan this blog to be mainly about clothes, dressing up and dressing down...BUT for me I want a record of my toiletries stash, to remind me that I really really don't need anything right now. I can treat myself any time by diving into my stash.

In current use:

Soft and gentle deodorant
Eucerin Dry Skin Cream (for feet)
Vitamin E Moisture Cream (face)
S&G The daily smooth body butter
S&G Clean girls shower gel
S&G mini body scrub
S&G 15 minute face peel
Body shop Vitamin E gentle face wash
Frizz ease shampoo
Frizz ease conditioner
Frizz ease intensive moisture treatment
Pantene curly hair mouse
Frizz ease curl spray
Can of hair spray
Asda hair serum
No7 cleanser
No7 Toner
No7 PP beauty serum (mini) x2
S&G Girligo body spray
Bodyshop hemp hand cream
1 1/2 tubes of hair removal cream
Nail Varnish remover (only dregs left)

Perfumed moisturisers
Dior - Pure poison
John Paul Gaultier – Classique
Elizabeth Arden – Arden beauty
D&G - Light blue
Lacoste – Dream of pink

Stash (opened/used/full) – which is a box in my cellar
Soft and gentle deodorant x 3 (plus 3 minis)

Face wipes x 6 (plus 2 mini packs)
Loreal Make up remover
No7 make up remover
Vitamin E Illuminating moisture cream
No7 Day Cream x2
No7 Cleanser
No7 Toner
Burts Bees Orange facial cleanser (opened, used a few times)
S&G Greatest Scrub of all 125ml (used a couple of times)
S&G Clean Mary cleansing milk 75ml (used a couple of times)
No7 Radiance Revealed exfoliator 75 ml (¼ used)
No7 Moisture mask
Vitamin E moisture mask (open used once)
No7 P&P beauty serum mini’s x2
No7 Total Renewal exfoliator 25ml (used once)
5 x fudge face masks sachet
1 x mud mask sachet
1 x self heating mask sachet
Estee lauder face peel kit

Hair dye x 1
Shampoo x 1 (plus 1 miniature)
Conditioner x 3 (plus 1 miniature)
Pantene hair mouse x 1
Trevor Sorbie curl cream x1 (plus ½ a miniature)
Trevour Sorbie humidity control spray 100ml
Asda Hair serum
S&G Hair supply (50ml ½ used)

Shower Gel
S&G Clean Girls x1
No7 Cleaning body polish x1
S&G I foam
Burts Bees Citrus and orange body wash (¼ used)
Body Shop Shower gel x 2 (Brazil and Shea)
FCUK Body Scrub 75ml (½ used)
No7 Blissful Body Wash 40ml (¼ used)

Body Butters
Berts bees orange and honey body lotion 236ml (used a couple of times)
Body Shop Body butters 200ml x 3
No7 Completely drenched body lotion 200ml
M&S shea body butter 200ml (1/3 used)
Palmers Coco butter 250ml (½ used)
S&G The Daily Smooth 250ml (my fave)
S&G Butter up 200ml
FCUK Body Lotion 75ml
FCUK Whipped body cream 75ml (½ used)

Bubble Bath
No7 Sumptuous Bath Soak

Hand Cream
Johnson’s Soft Hand cream
S&G Hand food 50ml x 2 (1 is ½ used)
Nivea Creame 50ml

Not to mention the 30+ bottles of nail varnish or the overflowing shelves of perfume

So I clearly don't need to buy anything for quite a while...but we'll see where I'm at after 90 days!

LadyBug  – (2 February 2010 at 21:20)  

That is definately a stash! Have a look at my shoe stash if you want to make yourself feel better!!

Plus if the UK gets a load of snow and you can't go anywhere you can be safe in the knowledge that your skin will not suffer!!

P.S I actually have a similar hoard of toiletries, think it must me a woman thing!

Sharon Curran  – (2 February 2010 at 21:36)  

My toilettries are out of control. You are braver than me putting them altogether like that. I actually think I'd have to put my camera on panoramic mode to get a picture of it all.

I'm still considering setting up a blog so I may well be the next to succumb to the peer pressure!

Jen  – (2 February 2010 at 22:45)  

Wow - what a stash! I imagine you're smelling sweet and always squeaky clean! :)

Welcome to blogland - hope you enjoy it!

Jen aka GrammarGirl x

Vintage Vixen  – (3 February 2010 at 08:51)  

Good heavens, that's a huge stash!
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

aka Goanmad

dinoprincesschar  – (3 February 2010 at 11:14)  

Morning, welcome to the blogging world :)
That is a serious amount of toiletries - good luck with the challenge! Toiletries seem to be the only thing in my life that I don't seem to buy in excess, only as and when I use them..but you have got me thinking about what I don't need to buy any more of..

daisychain  – (3 February 2010 at 11:27)  

Wow that is quite some stash!

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