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Welcome welcome to my brand new shiny blog. Inspired by others on MSE to set one up and post my outfits and general musings.  Ta DA. So here it is.

Just a couple of things I should share...I'm currently on a no spend challenge - no shoes (including boots), clothes or accessories for 90 days started 21st Jan.  Also no toiletries.  I did have a little lapse on the clothing front and bought a pair of diesel jeans yesterday from a charity shop for £3.99, (along with a pair of vintage inspired shoes £2.99 and a grey suit jacket £2.99) Shhhh

Reason for this challenge, well simply because I don't know how to keep a penny in my purse at the best of times, I can't help myself when it comes to footwear, and lets just say that my boots addiction (I'm talking about Boots the chemist now) was getting more than a touch out of control.

So here is what I wore today: (no pics because it's the end of the day and I'm almost ready to jump in the bath.  But usually I will post pics of my outfits.)

Diesel jeans £3.99 from charity shop

Light grey polo neck from primark £6
Poncho style knitted slightly darker grey thing over top £10 from primark (last year)
Grey Uggs
Pink pearl stud earrings
Bottle green and gold paisley style scarf £2 from egypt
Black coast double breasted coat £5 from charity shop
Grey and navy marc B bag £19.99 from TK maxx last year

Hope the weather cheers up soon, I just want to layer up in snuggly clothes when it's like this!

Right I'm off for a litte piece of Soap and Glory heaven

More tomorrow

daisychain  – (2 February 2010 at 20:15)  

Haha, peer pressure, glad to see you obeyed orders and started a blog!

I think spending on clothes is justified when you stumble accross things like cheap Diesel jeans. Idk about where you live, but here it is rare to find anything at a good price, let alone in wearable condition in a charity shop, so if I do, I make sure to grab it!

LadyBug  – (2 February 2010 at 20:29)  

Peer pressure indeed! MSE will soon be taking over the fashion blogs :)

Spends on one off bargains(such as those you find in charity shops)is definately justified! Who knows if they would of been there the next day!

Anonymous –   – (2 February 2010 at 20:46)  

Don't worry Queenie, you aren't alone. They got me with that peer pressure thing too!

I'm on the toiletries challenge too - it's hard work!


Sharon Curran  – (2 February 2010 at 21:33)  

*stands up*

My name is FairyShazza and I am a toilettries addict. I have just been say here thinking that I have so many lotions and potions but I just can't stop buying them!

I need help.

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