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Precious Tuesday

Me and darling boyfriend went to the cinema today to see Precious, a very dark story of a young obese girl being abused by her family growing up in Harlem. Excellent and a must watch film, I had to wipe the tears at more than a couple of points. No one’s life is perfect, everyone had their problems but boy do I feel grateful after watching Precious’s experience of life. Her struggle and fight is inspirational.

I’m loving my outfit today, it’s the first time I’ve worn the dress which I bought from a charity shop last year:

Dress by New Look – charity shop £2.45
Treggins by New Look - £7 in the sale
Cardo by Primark - £10 ish (one of my staples)
Boots by Office – charity shop £5
Earrings by Asda £3 had them years and years, one of my faves

I popped into The Bead Shop today and flirted with all the pretty beads, I didn’t buy any supplies though; I’m going to check the tinterweb for prices first. I did pick up a leaflet of workshops on which they list a beginner workshop for knitting. I was saying only the other day how I’ve always wanted to learn, so I’m going to enquire and feeling quite excited about it already.

Right that’s all from me for now; I’ve just built a fire so I’m off to curl up in front of it

Queenie xx

Vicki  – (9 February 2010 at 18:55)  

I love the dress, stars are so cute.
What amazing bone structure you have, killer cheekbones!
Vicki xx

daisychain  – (9 February 2010 at 18:56)  

Ohh love this outfit, and your skin is flawless!

I must try and get to the cinema and see Precious. I never manage to see films whilst they are still showing haha.

Jen  – (9 February 2010 at 20:22)  

Oh I love bead shops - they're so great for just browsing about and feeling inspired!

Gorgeous dress. I really love this whole outfit!

Disco Goth  – (9 February 2010 at 21:06)  

Total dress envy, I love stars! x

Alex  – (9 February 2010 at 21:45)  

I love stars too so I'm sharing the dress envy. (and the cheekbones envy, and the makeup ability envy, hahaha).

Keep us updated on the knitting progress. I'm rubbish at it but I do enjoy it.

dinoprincesschar  – (10 February 2010 at 08:29)  

I love this outfit - the star dress is really lovely! :)

jade  – (11 February 2010 at 11:25)  

You have beautiful cheekbones and a fantastic complexion! I'm going to see Precious next friday with my mum as she's a social worker and i'm training!

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