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Possible treasure, all you’ve got to do is dig dig dig

I’m sooo tired today but also soooo excited. I made some cash on ebay selling some unwanted perfume and toiletries yesterday yay! I’ve started to list clothes and shoes, so hopefully there will be a few more pennies trickling into the pot to make me spend neutral. I’ve had one charity shop blip (spending £9.97) since starting my no spend on clothes/shoes/etc challenge AND I bought a pair of boots in the New Look sale that I’ve had my eye on for ages, but there was no way I was paying £50 for them, £18 much more palatable but because I’ve been staying out of the shops I missed them in black so I’ve got grey ones instead, but I decided after carful consideration to take them back, I didn’t love them so there was no point in keeping them.

I went to the charity shops today and also a jumble sale tonight...so the purse came out again…But selling on ebay means I’m currently spend neural plus a little bit extra Hurrah!

The jumble sale was one of the most exciting things I’ve done for a long time, have you figured out how boring my life is yet? The tables overflowing with possible treasure, all you’ve got to do is dig dig dig. I loved it, frantically rummaging, clothes flying everywhere, women marking their space and everything only 30p. I can’t wait to go back next month.

So what did I buy I hear you cry…

Jones The Bootmaker patent leather shoes £4 (charity shop)

H&M camel coloured trench coat £3.99 (charity shop)
H&M green velvet fitted trousers £2 – no I don’t know either but I love them! (charity shop)
Pink jersey polo neck £1 (charity chop)
Pink vintage jumper 30p (jumble sale)
Nude coloured camisole 30p (jumble sale)
Next navy stripped top 30p (jumble sale) I was thinking it could be used nautical?
Mens Jasper Conran shirt 30p (jumble sale) to ebay not for me obviously!!

You'll see me wearing some of it soon :) 

I also bought a pretty summer skirt which I think was a mistake and an awful top ffrom H&M which is going straight to the charity shop tomorrow...but for 30p I'm not to heart broken.

And today I wore quite a boring outfit:

New look vest/dress £7 in the sale
New Look Treggins £7 in the sale
Black primark cardi (again)
Grey Uggs
Parrot Earrings

And the reason I’m tired, well the new neighbours down the Avenue like to play their music late at night. Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m quite partial to a bit of Oasis and Beautiful South myself (among others) but not at 2am I’m not and not when merry or even drunk people are howling along.

Oh I also picked up some swallow earrings from Asda that everyone has been raving about, looking forward to wearing them soon.

So I’ve royally failed on the no spend front today, what’s a girl gonna do?

Ar you a jumble sale fan?

Friday tomorrow Hurrah, Lots of Love

Queenie xx

daisychain  – (11 February 2010 at 20:57)  

1. your todays outfit is in no way boring.

2. I am so jealous of your fab haul. never any jumble sales here, ever, so I am double jealous as I love the sound of them!

Anonymous –   – (11 February 2010 at 21:24)  

I agree on both Daisychain's points!!

Those shoes are fab - what a steal!

giddynici  – (11 February 2010 at 21:41)  

I also agree with both of daisys points... I want to go to a jumble sale!!!

Lovin the earrings.

Vicki  – (11 February 2010 at 22:00)  

Yeah! We should hold a swallow earring convention!

Alex  – (11 February 2010 at 22:39)  

The trench coat is a great find and I look forward to seeing the green velvet trousers making an appearance.

I nearly bought the swallow earrings for myself - if only they'd been silver and not gold!

Vintage Vixen  – (12 February 2010 at 08:07)  

Jumble sales rock my world! You did well.
Your outfit isn't boring in the slightest, you've got a fab figure as well as a beautiful face!

LadyBug  – (12 February 2010 at 09:39)  

Love your nautical outfit. Sounds like you oicked up some fab bargains! I need to keep an eye out for jumble sales I think!

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