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Sunday is for slobbing

It’s mid afternoon and I’m not even dressed yet, well not properly I am wearing clothing of sorts, if you can count pyjamas as clothing. Sundays are for slobbing about though in my book, they are about roast dinners, blankets, reading, watching films oh and football – well that’s for darling boyfriend and what women would deny the man she loves his simple pleasures in life. He didn't choose the boots I had on yesterday, he did choose me another pair which were gorgeous but turned out to be faulty so they had to be returned.  He is very talanted when it comes to choosing gifts for me, I'm a very lucky girl :)

I won a pair of shoes in ebay last night…I love them so much and they haven’t even arrived yet. I tried on a similar pair of Hush Puppies in Barretts yesterday but they were £20 (reduced from £55) but I felt it was too much so walked away. But I won these beauties for 99p (plus £2 postage). I love bottle green and obviously I won't be wearing them with my green velvet trousers! How do you think I should wear them?

I think I’ll paint my nails later, not sure what colour yet, any suggestions? It might take me a while to work through this lot to make a decision; I think I’ve got a colour for most occasions in my collection. Nail varnish is one of those things which is a little treat, easy to buy and only a few quid here and there, and 30 odd bottles later…if I add up the amount spent I could have probably treated myself to something really special, but alas, the only way I learn is through experience.

Happy Valentines Day to all who are celebrating, me and boyfriend did exchange cards (OH's card to me is below) but no pressies. We show each other love every day of the year no just when someone tells us we should show it.

What are your Sundays all about?

Love Queenie xx

Alex  – (14 February 2010 at 16:18)  

Ohhhhh, love the shoes.

And I like your approach to Valentines Day :) Why not go for that really fab shade of red nail varnish on the left of the pic?

Sundays are my loafing days. If I can avoid getting dressed, I do.

Jen  – (14 February 2010 at 16:54)  

My Sundays are the same as yours! Lounging about in slippers and cardigans, making pancakes and drinking coffee. I love Sundays!

daisychain  – (14 February 2010 at 17:28)  

Oh my, those shoes, so jealous!

I wish I could stay in my PJs all day Sundays, but living with my parents means I get the dissaproving looks and rolling of the eyes!

Vintage Vixen  – (14 February 2010 at 17:39)  

Oh, I used to have those green shoes, wore 'em to death. Lucky you, finding a pair.
I'm an annoying early riser so I'm up with the lark on sundays, I have to read nicely or do a bit of yoga so I domn't awaken a sleepy boyfriend.

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